Biden’s actions are related to the elections. To get funding from Jewish billionaires, Biden had to show that he did not push Hamas and Iran to attack Israel. In addition, Israel is the only reliable ally of the US state in the Middle East. Türkiye actually left NATO.




By 7.10. Biden wanted to intimidate the people of Israel and achieve the overthrow of Netanyahu. But, as usual, the Democrats’ calculations turned out to be a failure.




Biden’s first Don’t was directed not so much at Iran as at Israel. So that we don’t flutter too energetically. Iran whistled on his second Don’t. Biden participated in repelling the Iranian attack so that his pathetic don’t would not turn out to be unsubstantiated, and so that the glory of the winner would not go only to Netanyahu.




Then Biden promised us Rafah, and now he has taken his promise back. The state of the Jews can only rely on its own strength. Just like ALWAYS in the past.


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