The coup will not stop even if Bibi stops the reform. This tells Ehud Barak, the chief coup maker. Through his ally from Shalom Ahshav, Yuli Tamir, he expressed his desire to establish a dictatorship back in 1999, when he came to power by injecting large sums of American money into his election campaign. However, just like Rabin before him.


After a crushing loss to Sharon in the direct election of the prime minister (2001), Barak has been making efforts for twenty years to return to power. He managed to depose Amir Peretz from the post of leader of the Labor party and take the post of defense minister in the Olmert and Netanyahu coalitions.

But Labor continued to lose influence, and in the last elections, it barely managed to stay in the Knesset. Barack got off this dead horse but did not refuse revenge. In 2016, he took a sharp turn and became an ultra-left revolutionary, independent of party games.

He announced that «if Netanyahu does not wake up, then his government should be removed by popular protest.» In other words, democracy should be abolished. Note that this was the last year of President Obama. The plan was shelved until Obama-Biden returned to the White House, and now Barack is implementing it.


Now he is not the leader of any party, not a member of the Knesset. It would seem, on what basis does he dictate terms to the government, the Knesset, and all the people? There are no legal grounds, but there is money, support for overseas tycoons, and unprecedented arrogance. There is no direct evidence, but there is a lot to indicate that Biden approved his plan.

It really is reminiscent of the «Arab Spring» remade into the «Jewish Spring». The old idea of establishing a dictatorship in Israel was accepted by the powers, Barak received abundant funding and is now implementing his coup project.


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