Netanyahu attacked Hamas in 2014, following a long period of intense Hamas shelling of Israel. Obama personally ordered a halt of the operation and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza. So, what? It doesn’t matter that Hamas shelled the cities and villages of Israel, and even boasted about it, declaring that their goal was to destroy the civilian population.
This way, the American administration provided the opportunity for Hamas to build up its military potential and try to destroy Israel. Would Hamas have been able to collect so many weapons and ammunition and build 1,000 kilometers of tunnels if Egypt, a US ally, had not contributed to this?
Now Biden is trying to repeat Obama’s crime. The US is responsible for all twenty years of Hamas rocket terror. Except, perhaps, Trump, although I have not heard that Trump gave Israel the OK to destroy Hamas. Instead, he made demonstrative gestures such as recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and acknowledging the annexation of the Golan Heights. And, most importantly, he organized the Abraham Treaties. He gave us a carrot and put forward a plan for creating a Palestinian state, which was not much different from Obama’s plan.
We must fight the war alone. Ammunition must be produced independently so as not to depend on external blackmail, as is happening today.
Today Biden answered all the questions. He stopped the supply of weapons to Israel because we are trying to destroy Hamas. We have been hearing threats to stop arms supplies for many months. These threats inspire our enemies to attack Israel. Iran was inspired but was rebuffed. Now Nasrallah and Erdogan are inspired.
Biden is igniting regional war by depriving Israel of weapons. He invites enemies to attack the Jewish state and expects to win elections due to the votes of anti-Semites. This is how Hitler won the elections.
I have the impression that the progressives foresee their defeat in the elections and are rushing to realize their ideological goals before the elections. Among these goals is the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jews. That is, their goal coincides with Hitler’s goal. As we remember, Hitler’s manic idea of killing all Jews worked until the last day of Nazi Germany. It’s the same today.

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