Lapid and Bennett decided not to build an oil pipeline that would connect the Red and Mediterranean Seas through Israel, bypassing the Suez Canal. Why was this pipeline needed and what will be the consequences of the decisions of our new «changeable» leaders?


Long ago, the Iranian leader Khamenei publicly formulated the Ayatollah’s doctrine: to establish global domination of Iran by controlling the world’s oil reserves, concentrated mainly in the Middle East. Their words are not at odds with their deeds. All Iranian politics is subordinate to the implementation of this doctrine. Nuclear weapons are just one of the tools for realizing the main goal of the Ayatollah regime.


We need to understand that oil reserves are a strategic political tool, provided that this oil can be transported from the place where it is produced. That is, control over oil delivery routes is a powerful instrument of influence. I have no doubt that the «Abraham Accords» were intended to ensure that oil could be pumped from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates through Israel to the Mediterranean Sea, to Europe.


The Iranians are making every effort to cut off the Arabs’ (more precisely, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Emirates) access to the world’s oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. The Iranians almost succeeded: they established control over Yemen, and now they will be able to close the Bab el Mandeb Strait at any time, that is, the exit from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean.


Oman submitted to the Ayatollahs, and this is evident from the fact that this state refused to sign an agreement with Israel, despite the fact that tacit relations between our states have existed for a long time. This means that the exit from the Emirates and Arabia to the Indian Ocean can also be blocked at the request of the Ayatollahs. The Strait of Hormuz, which connects the Persian (Arab) Gulf with the Indian Ocean, has always been under the control of Iran.


The Iranian presence in Syria and Lebanon also aims to close the blockade ring around Saudi Arabia. The old pipeline from Saudi Arabia through Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon was cut in 1948 and abandoned. A new pipeline along this route is currently impossible.


That is why it is vital for the Arabs to be able to get their oil out into the Mediterranean.


The Suez Canal is not able to pass large tankers, they have to go around Africa to get to Europe. We recently saw one medium-sized ship cut off traffic on the canal for a full week. An alternative would be a powerful oil pipeline from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, for example through Egypt or Israel.


Back in the 1970s, Israel built an oil pipeline from Eilat to Ashkelon to pump Iranian oil. But in 1979 the Iranian shah was overthrown, Khomeini came to power, and the pipeline was frozen for thirty years. Now we are talking about a much larger project. Its implementation will significantly increase the strategic importance of Israel and will bring considerable revenues.


Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Emirates provide between a third and half of the world’s oil production. One new pipeline will not be enough, another one will be needed in Egypt. Oil producers depend on the countries through which they export oil. If Israel participates in these matters of global importance, for the sake of oil, the world will spit on the claims of the Palestinians.


But Yesh Atid party deprives us of the future. Israel has shown itself to be an unreliable ally in resisting Iranian aggression. It turned out that the first significant change that the «change government» made was that this strategic project was immediately frozen. This decisive and hasty «change» has already influenced the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. And the Iranians have become much bolder.


Even before the overthrow of Netanyahu, it turned out that Egypt and Jordan had agreed to run through their territory a powerful oil pipeline from Iraq to the Mediterranean. Iraq is known to be in the Iranian sphere of influence. In practice, it will be an oil pipeline from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea. In the event of a blockade of the Strait of Hormuz, Iran will be able to export oil through this pipeline.


If we remember that the Jordanian king actively contributed to the overthrow of Netanyahu, and that he depends on the most influential party in his kingdom, Hamas, it becomes obvious that Abdullah has already deserted from the «Sunni bloc» and joined the Ayatollahs.


If Egypt does the same, Israel will be surrounded on all sides by Iran’s allies. The Iranians will not need their troops in Syria, we will again have to confront a coalition of all our closest neighbors. And then «peace treaties» will not protect us from destruction.


If the goal of Lapid’s suicidal actions is to please Biden and appease the Ayatollahs, then he is moving towards this goal in a completely wrong way. In order to reach a compromise with Iran, we must first strengthen our strategic position in general and our role in the bloc of Iran’s opponents in particular. Including building an oil pipeline.


No Iran and no one else will make concessions to a weak state that does not have influence and strategic advantages. Concessions made in advance that weaken us do not lead to peace, but to war. We took this lesson in Oslo.

The “successive head of government” who managed to miss a matriculation certificate, let alone a higher education, writes with grammatical errors and makes mistakes in his message to the US President, will very quickly lead us into the abyss. The construction of the pipeline has already been blocked by the Minister of the Environment Tamar Sandberg (Meretz).


Yes, the “leader” who leads our herd into the abyss is Yair Lapid. Bennett needs to get rid of him as soon as possible. For example, to withdraw from the government the personal party of Lapid Yesh Atid. And together with Lapid, a party of outright deceivers, Meretz. Their ministerial posts will be occupied by the Likud.


Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu will become foreign minister and «successive head of government.» He will try to repair the damage that our cognitively incapacitated foreign minister has done.

………… ..

The agreement on the laying of the second line of the oil pipeline has already been signed. Everything can be done quickly. Yes, in order to protect the pipe and pumping stations from Hamas’s missiles, we will have to bury everything in the ground and cover it with a good embankment. It will cost more, but it will pay off quickly. In fact, our pipe is quite short, not comparable to the thousands of miles of pipelines in Russia, the United States and the Middle East.


And most importantly, it is the global strategic importance of the pipeline. Finally, Israel got a chance to take advantage of its geographic location and become important to the whole world. Some have paid well to environmentalists to take away a valuable advantage from our people and state.