In 1973, Saudi Arabia inflicted a catastrophic defeat on Israel, influencing the West with its oil blockade. As a result, Israel suffered huge losses at the beginning of that war. After brilliant military successes, the encirclement of the 3rd Egyptian army, and the march to Cairo, we were forced to retreat, lift the encirclement, and ultimately give up Sinai WITHOUT PEACE.

The current war has shown that Egypt has been arming Hamas for two decades and transporting heavy equipment to Gaza for tunnel construction.


Today, Saudi Arabia is behind the Security Council’s decision to cease fire during Ramadan. Once again the oil weapon is turned against Israel and threatens our existence. The only realistic response to Islamist aggression is an offensive on all fronts. We must first beat the enemy, then negotiate “normalization” on OUR terms.


Trump is right when he says that, under his presidency, things like under Biden and Obama would not have happened. Let’s hope he wins the election so Israel can win the war and improve its international standing.


Razing Gaza to the ground is the American way, which we applied in northern Gaza. It turned out to be ineffective. We have to return again and again to those places that we supposedly razed to the ground. For example, to Shifa Hospital.


In general, what America or Russia can do, Israel cannot. Enemies are always stronger and more numerous than us. Jews must fight with their minds, such is our fate. In all wars, the whole world took away our victory. The same thing is happening today because the whole world of anti-Semites is against us.


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