Various government critics (correctly) argue that Hamas is regaining its strength as soon as we withdraw the IDF from Gaza. The war has entered the phase of a war of attrition, and Israel has few resources (including human resources) to continue the war until victory. Defense Minister Galant suggests that we immediately move to “the day after the war”, and transfer responsibility for our security to some mythical contractors whom we will arm. They will do the job of pacifying Hamas for us. This is a repetition of the (failed) Oslo concept in its classic form.




The “advisers” of defeat suggest that we surrender, accept the dictation of Hamas, be satisfied with the return of 33 hostages (some of them corpses), and end the war. Let the remaining hostages rot, while rocket attacks from Gaza have already resumed. What will we do next? Probably to flee overseas, into the hands of American “progressive” anti-Semites, who will implement the plans of Palestinian followers of Hitler.




What does common sense tell us? ALL victories in the history of wars were achieved when the enemy army, surrounded on all sides, stopped receiving ammunition and food. We screwed up with food (“humanitarian aid”), we were forced to feed our mortal enemy to the full. What’s left? Cut off the supply of weapons and ammunition to Hamas.


To achieve this, it is necessary to capture Rafah and establish control of the Philadelphia Axis and the surrounding part of the city of Rafah. According to the statement of the Israeli representative at the International Court, in the part of Rafah we already occupied, about 50 tunnels leading to Egypt have been discovered. When we will capture the entire Philadelphia corridor, about 150-200 tunnels will be blocked. That is, we will cut off Hamas’ oxygen supply, weapons, and ammunition supply. When the Hamas have nothing to shoot with, they will lose military control in Gaza.


We will not be able to cut off the cash flow to Hamas, so the IDF’s military presence must continue indefinitely. There will be fewer casualties when Hamas runs out of ammunition and rockets. Yes, it will take more than one year. Yes, there are financial costs involved.  Well, we’ll endure it. Do we have any other outcome?


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