The Palestinian people do exist, but are unable to govern themselves independently. Palestine is unable to ensure independent earning for its people, due to their own labor. Both Palestinian authority and Hamas’ Gaza exist at the expense of foreign donors. The Palestinians are unable to establish responsible government. Most popular Palestinian party, Hamas, deludes the voters by promising genocide of the Jews.

Palestine needs occupation and protection by foreign force. Regarding the West Bank, the occupation performs Israel. IDF saves Palestinian people from internal war and enables functioning of Palestinian authority in the West Bank. But in Gaza it doesn’t work.

To resolve the problems, my proposal is International Protectorate of Palestine. The protector states will distribute whole enormous external «help» to Palestine. Other channels of financing will be closed. The education curriculum and mass media must be supervised by protectors. The Pallywood will be disbanded. UNRWA will be subordinated to protector states.

The same scheme should be extended to Gaza, but it will turn practical only under condition, that foreign force will occupy Gaza strip and annihilate HAMAS’ military wing.

Hamas created Gaza concentration camp and supplied it by military force with the purpose to disable any possibility to achieve peace solution. Palestinian Islamists sought to force the only possibility: annihilation of Israel, namely genocide of the Jews, which is traditional stance of the Palestinian people. For centuries, the ancestors of Palestinians sought to eliminate Jews, and almost succeeded in this task. But currently, the hope for annihilation of Israel seems less reachable than ever. Anti-Semitic support of «Palestinian Cause» doesn’t help. BDS fails to destroy Israel, Iran seems to abandon an idea in the light of Trump and Russia stance.

Current Palestinian provocations in Gaza are effort to revive anti-Semitic crusade. By its provocations, HAMAS forces on Israel to re-occupy Gaza. Probably, Hamas came to the conclusion, that it is unable to annihilate Israel immediately, and is unable to rescue Gaza population immediately. They prefer Israeli occupation instead of peace with Israel. The Hamas military prefers to drag Israel into Gaza to arrange bloody bath for both IDF and Gaza population, while Israel will be forced to take responsibility for Gaza population welfare. This way Hamas may shift on Israel the responsibility for Gaza «concentration camp» population.

The political wing of Hamas turned hostage of military wing. They expect that foreign force will perform dirty and bloody work of disarmament of Hamas military. Probably, Israel will be forced to occupy Gaza. However, at proper time it will be better to replace IDF by another foreign force.

The anti-Semitic Gaza theater must be shut down. My proposal is sending international force to occupy Gaza and to rescue the Gaza population from Hamas. For example, USA, Russia, Egypt and Saudis will participate. It’s necessary to wipe the military wing of Hamas and to ensure normal development of Gaza strip under supervision of protectors. 

The protection force should control all external ties of Gaza, including border passages, planned harbor and airport. Maybe, there will be possible to implement Netanyahu’s idea: increasing Gaza territory at the expense of Egypt, while Israel will compensate Egypt. 

The main obstacle for resolving Gaza problem is Hamas, not Israel. If the international community seeks to resolve this problem, it must eliminate at least Hamas’ military wing. The UN cannot perform such protection, because of its proven corruption and anti-Semitism. The possible protector states may include the USA, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, or part of them.

The temporary borders of  Palestine Protectorate will be Oslo borders (zones A and B) last signed in 1998. The corrections may be performed with Israeli consent, with the purpose to facilitate the successful development of Palestine.

After a phase of the protectorate, and under the condition, that Palestine will turn ready for self-governing, signing peace treaties with Israel, Egypt and Jordan, the protectorate may end. Palestine’s independence will be recognized by all protector states.

P.S: a quarter of the text of the UN Charter is devoted to protectorates. It’s time to involve this quarter. Protectorate — this is legal.