Security Council Resolution No. 242 does not speak of the withdrawal of Israeli troops from ALL territories occupied in 1967. The word ALL was the subject of discussion, and the final text of the resolution did not include it.




The USSR’s demand for the UNCONDITIONAL withdrawal of the IDF was not included in the text of Resolution 242. This means that the withdrawal of troops was to take place subject to the signing of peace treaties between Israel and its neighbors.




Israel has implemented Resolution 242 in full. We left Sinai under the Camp David peace treaty that the Likud government concluded with Egypt. In 1994, a peace treaty was signed with Jordan, according to which Jordan’s border was fixed at the Jordan River. The occupation of the West Bank is not completed because the failed state of Palestine has never signed a peace treaty with Israel. It continues to fight, supported by anti-Semites of all sorts, from murderous Islamists to would-be «progressive» antisemites. The occupation of the West Bank and the renewed occupation of Gaza (after we voluntarily, unilaterally de-occupied the territory in 2005) are legitimate measures of self-defense.




Additionally, ALL Jewish settlements in the West Bank are legal, since Jordan gave up this territory. The Palestinian Authority, created by the Oslo Accords, agreed that Area C, where the Jews settled, would remain under Israeli jurisdiction until a peace agreement was signed. From a legal and moral point of view, we are as clear as glass.

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