«Adopting 3 Middle East Drafts, General Assembly Calls for Launching Credible Talks on Final Status Issues, Respecting Historic Status Quo of Jerusalem Holy Sites»

“By further terms, it also called upon Israel to cease all unilateral actions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and called upon all States not to recognize any changes to the pre‑1967 borders and not to render aid or assistance to illegal settlement activities.

Also adopted was a resolution titled “Jerusalem”, in which the Assembly reiterated its determination that any actions taken by Israel, the occupying Power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction, and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal”


“The three resolutions the Assembly will vote on have only one purpose — to demonize Israel,” he said, calling it an annual package of vicious anti-Israel resolutions against Israel and promoting a false version of the Palestinians. Year after year, precious time, effort, and resources are wasted instead of focusing on the world’s most pressing issues. «


What did the UN General Assembly decide in these resolutions?

The call for 1967 borders strictly violates the UN Charter. According to international law, the legal border between the states constitutes the line signed by BOTH INVOLVED SIDES in their LAST agreement. Such LAST AGREEMENT was signed by Netanyahu and Arafat in 1998 (Wye Plantation agreement). This agreement outlaws the so-called “1967” or “1949” lines. Adopting illegal «lines» instead of a legal border, established due to the Oslo agreement, the UN violates its own Charter.

Thus, at the heart of these, like most other UN decisions about Israel, lies iniquity and the Big Lie, which all mankind has become accustomed to considering as the Law. Just the Oslo agreements confirm the legality of «actions taken by Israel» in Jerusalem, and the legality of the Jewish settlements of the West Bank. 

Now, let’s start with the terminology. They took a decision on the «question of Palestine». In fact, the problem is not with the Palestinians, but with Israel, which for 75 years has been subjected to defamation and attempts of destruction. The «question of Palestine» has long been resolved the way the Palestinians themselves and their patrons, the anti-Semites of the entire planet, desired.

Namely, the State of Jordan was first created Palestinian State, which was separated from Palestine in 1922 with the clearly formulated goal of ensuring the national rights of the Arabs of Palestine. A few Jews were evicted from there. Already in 1946, this state gained independence and managed to take part in two aggressions against Israel (in 1948 and 1967).

Let me remind you that during the first peace talks between Israel and the Arabs in 1992 («Madrid Conference»), a joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation was created. Oslo’s separate accords violated this principle of Palestinian-Arab unity.

The current relationship between Palestinians and the non-Palestinian population of Jordan is an internal Jordanian affair. Why should the state of Jordan, created on the territory of Palestine, be ethnically clean of all non-Palestinian elements, be they Bedouins, Arabs-immigrants, Circassians, and Christians?

Second, the Oslo process created a de facto second Palestinian state that included the West Bank and Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces were withdrawn from most of this state. The Palestinians and their patrons abused the peacefulness of the people of Israel and tried to destroy the Jewish state by the method of an all-out terrorist war, which they called the «Intifada». The State of Israel was forced to re-occupy the state of Palestine we had created.

Israel’s attempt to appease the UN and the anti-Semites through a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza led to the creation of a third separate Palestinian state with its terrorist authorities independent of the government in Ramallah.

Thus, the Palestinians already have three states. Two of these states, the West Bank and Gaza, are actively fighting to destroy Israel. Moreover, they are waging a war, not at their own expense. All their expenses are covered by «donors».

The cannon fodder for this war is provided by an organization created by the UN 74 years ago to help then-real Palestinian refugees. Since then, Palestinian refugees have largely died out, and their multiplied descendants are raised and educated by anti-Semites for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. Note that Israel has solved on its own the problem of Jewish refugees, more numerous than the Palestinian refugees known to the whole world.

A quarter of a century ago, the first and oldest Palestinian state, Jordan, signed a peace treaty with Israel and established a «cold peace» with us. The other two Palestinian states refuse to reconcile on any terms, demanding the destruction of the Jewish state.

There is a strong impression that the Palestinians consider it beneficial for themselves to parasitize due to the war of destruction. As they fight, billions of «aid» continue to flow into the accounts of Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas. They prefer money in exchange for war over «peace in exchange for territory». 


The issue of recognizing the state of Palestine remains controversial for a few reasons. Most of the UN member states recognized Palestine. But according to the UN Charter, an independent state must first confirm its economic viability. Two out of three Palestinians (West Bank and Gaza) do not meet this criterion. Despite huge economic aid, the Palestinians are unable to provide their own food and other needs on their own. In addition, due to the split, it is unclear how many Palestinian states should be recognized as “independent”.

The demand for recognition of Palestine’s independence by Israel was put forward during the Obama presidency. Then Barack Obama advised Mahmoud Abbas to withdraw this requirement. Why? Because the proclamation of Palestinian independence in the context of the continuing occupation would not change anything in reality.

The Palestinians themselves provoked the Israeli occupation by their rejection of the peace and their aggressive behavior. They could have lost their main trump card: the ability to pretend to be Israel’s victim and demand extensive financial «help».

That is why the Israeli government should consider the possibility of formal recognition of the State of Palestine within the boundaries stipulated by the 1998 agreement, that is, the latest of the Oslo agreements. At the same time, until the signing of a peace treaty, the status quo will remain, namely: Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and restrictions on Gaza will continue.


What can the Israeli «government of change» do under these conditions?

First, to finally begin to resist the terrorist aggression of the Palestinians on the territory of Israel. A new round of aggression, which began in May 2021, led to the fact that the Palestinians moved the war to the territory of Israel and involved the Arabs, the citizens of Israel, in their war, against their will.

Secondly, take into account the fact that currently, the main pretext for the continuation of the Palestinian aggression is the question of Jerusalem. We must take the initiative on the subject of holy places. Our approach should be based on the principle: holy places are sacred for Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Simultaneously, Jerusalem touches the national feelings of Jews and Palestinians.

Three years ago I put forward a concept stating that the responsibility for the holy places should be taken not by politicians and the military, but by representatives of religious confessions. The state, in this case, Israel, can take over security. If peace is established between Israel and Palestine, then the control of security in the holy places can become joint.

This idea has already found a response. In May 2021, Erdogan proposed to Putin to launch a joint strike on Israel in order to «liberate Jerusalem.» Putin’s answer was that the question of the holy places of Jerusalem should be decided by representatives of three Abrahamic denominations, not politicians.

Now is the time for Israel’s «government of change» to embrace this concept as well. «Internationalisation» of the Holy Places of Jerusalem will get the shape of the cooperation of the «Abrahamic» confessions.