Our soldiers in Gaza give their lives voluntarily because they want to protect their people and their loved ones from twenty years of unpunished rocket attacks, and most importantly, from the genocide of our people. Our war is not a revenge for 7.10. This is a war for survival. Hamas not only declared the genocide of Jews as its goal. He prepared for its execution for a long time and diligently, receiving billions from all the anti-Semites in the world for this goal.


Palestine is the tip of the global anti-Semitic sword. To prevent another Holocaust, we MUST destroy Gaza. This is not an easy task, the enemy is prepared very well for this war. No less important is that Palestinian Islamofascists enjoy the patronage of most states in the world, the patronage of UN and most international organizations, the patronage of billionaires, the intellectual elite of the United States and Europe, Islamists, Russian anti-Semites, the patronage of Iran, Erdogan, in short, of all anti-Semites on the planet.


Israel is forced to wage war with its hands tied, prevented from protecting our soldiers. Our soldiers are dying because Palestine has cronyism from all the richest and most powerful. We are David forced into battle with Goliath.




During 7/10 the Palestinians forced us into this war against the whole world, literally leaving no other choice. Their unprecedentedly cruel and demonstrative massacre in the vicinity of Gaza was thoroughly calculated to spark a regional war to perform genocide of the Jews.




You remember how Netanyahu handed over Qatari money in suitcases, only to postpone the current decisive battle, to give Israel a respite between battles, to strengthen it economically and financially.


Internal traitors helped the enemy. All attacks against Netanyahu were aimed at depriving Israel of leadership in the current decisive battle. He clung to the prime minister’s chair to be able to save his people. Otherwise, we would have already forgotten who Bibi was.




If we don’t win this war, we’re all done for. Rats, run, you are stopping us from winning our war for survival.


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