The Bolsheviks also promised heaven on earth and complete social justice. As a result, they killed 20 to 30 million people, deliberately starved out the «petty-bourgeois» class of peasants, and liquidated or displaced entire peoples and social groups. Now antisemites are blaming Jews for these crimes.


Supposed and highly questionable «progress» cannot be a reason to overthrow a democratically elected government. Leftists, let’s listen to the opinion of the majority on how it sees your «progress».

Lapid has already explained to us that «progress» is the «de-Judaization and demilitarization» of the Jewish state. And Ehud Barak explained that power should be seized not in elections, but with the help of overseas billions.


We voted for the preservation of the Jewish state and the curbing of the dictatorship of swindlers supported by the judges. And yes, for the militarization of the Jewish state, which anti-Semites have been trying to destroy for 75 years.

For this, we have to make some concessions to the ultra-religious sector. It is better to give to the religious finger than to the left head.

However, if the left recognizes the Jewish state and its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, and joins the reform of the corrupt court (which the left demanded 15 years ago), then a government of national unity will become possible.

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