As in the past, they want to destroy Israel, which is in line with the Hamas Charter and its stated goals. Abu Mazen does not openly proclaim this, but his long-term rejection of a peaceful solution on mutually acceptable terms suggests that his goal does not differ from that of Hamas. They differ only in the tactics of achieving this goal.

To achieve the goal of destroying Israel, Hamas is building up its missile capabilities and other types of troops. But the main hope of the Palestinians is all-around assistance and support of powerful external forces hostile to Israel. The central role in training and supplying HAMAS and Hezbollah play Iranian ayatollahs.

It has now become apparent that the Palestinians are also counting on their «fifth column» inside Israel and on the civil war between the Jews, which was unleashed by two of Israel’s most corrupt politicians, Lapid and Lieberman.

But mainly, both Palestinian factions are counting on worldwide anti-Semitism. The tradition of «external» support of the Palestinians against the Jews has been going on for 1000 years since the conquerors of the Holy Land laid the foundation for the Palestinian ethnic group.

Today, the main patrons of the «Palestinian Cause» are American and European globalists, including Jewish globalists like Soros and Zuckerberg. Muslims, who were traditionally anti-Jewish in the past, have now split into two unequal factions: anti-Israel and friendly to Israel.



It is already clear that Hamas has coordinated its actions with Mahmoud Abbas. Together they planned and carried out the current attempt to destroy Israel. There are a number of reasons that prompted the Palestinians to attack Israel now.

First, the Palestinians have thoroughly prepared for missile and psychological warfare, relying on the supply of weapons and training provided by Iran. The Palestinians want to hasten the fall of Netanyahu and the rise to power of Lapid, who is ready for «painful concessions» that are deadly to our survival.

Second, the Palestinians started the war because Israel, with Trump’s backing, negotiated with the Arabs behind their backs. The Palestinians are trying to stir up the entire Arab and Islamic world against Israel, as they have done in the past, and thereby suppress a tendency that is dangerous for them.

In addition, as in the past, they count on the support of the global media and social networks, which are controlled by globalists. There are already signs that the media has stepped up psychological attacks against Israel, targeting the US president, congress, and other governments.

Fourthly, some of Israel’s Arabs, whom the Palestinians saw as their fifth column, slapped both Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas in the last elections. Israel’s leading Arab party, the United List, won only 6 seats, compared to 16 in the previous elections. The Islamists (RAAM) were able to enter the Knesset by promising their voters to join the Israeli government.

Thus, anti-Semitic extremists received only a quarter of the potential Arab votes. This affected the Hamas leaders and Mahmoud Abbas like a red rag on a bull. They deployed all their agents inside Israel, including the criminal gangs that terrorized the civilian Arab population, and sent their agents to organize pogroms, imposing conflict with the Jews on most of Israel’s Arabs.

And finally, Iran not only prepared but also launched Hamas, using Biden / Kerry’s attempts to make peace with the Ayatollahs at the expense of Israel and the Arabs.

At the same time, disagreements between the American leaders on the topic of Iran and Israel were revealed. It seems that Biden is less inclined than Kerry to surrender Israel to improve relations with the Ayatollahs. I do not know who launched the campaign to de-legitimize Biden, but there is an obvious attempt to influence the elderly president, to impose an anti-Israeli policy on the US president.



Since Gaza does export nothing, the only source of funds for the militarization of Gaza remains foreign «aid» to Palestine. The Palestinians use funds provided by American and European taxpayers to import and manufacture missiles and other weapons.

Even when Qatar transfers money to Gaza, the ultimate source of this money is the oil-consuming states. However, more than half of their incomes Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other «oil sheiks» receive from their investments in the West, be it income from shares of corporations and banks, bonds, real estate, etc.

Russia, due to a costly arms race, and Iran, in part as a result of Trump’s sanctions, have no spare funds to subsist Palestine and its army. However, the missiles that bypass Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system and effectively kill Jews, are Russian missiles.



It is quite obvious that the Palestinians have long been preparing for the current war. The pretexts for the outbreak of war, to which they refer, changed three times in one month.

The first pretext was the conflict in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah quarter (aka the Jewish quarter of Shimon HaTzadik), which has been smoldering for a long time.

Land ownership courts in this mixed Jewish-Arab quarter began in the 1970s. Currently, too, the Israeli Supreme Court upheld its previous decisions, after it considered new documents provided personally by the patron saint of all Muslims, Erdogan. 

Previously provided documents on the acquisition of the tomb of Shimon the Just (this is the same high priest who honorably met Alexander the Great and predicted his victory in the war against Iran), these documents speak of the acquisition of land in 1876 by the Jewish Sephardic community of Jerusalem. The decision of a Turkish court on the division of this land between the Sephardi and Ashkenazi communities was also found. The documents presented by Erdogan were found to be fake.

The riots over Jews who settle among Arabs are in stark contrast to the peaceful attitude of Jews towards Arabs who settle among Jews. In recent years, tens of thousands of Arabs have purchased apartments in Jewish-populated cities, including western Jerusalem. No one spoils their lives, and many do not know until they accidentally hear new neighbors speaking Arabic.

However, Sheikh Jarrah’s «motive» was deemed insufficient to justify the war, especially for the Western public.

The second reason, the refusal of Mahmoud Abbas to hold elections, in other words, to transfer power to Hamas without resistance, is good for the Palestinians themselves, but clearly does not suit the globalists and their media.

The third reason, the riots on the Temple Mount, is ideal from all points of view. It is a potent tool that can inflame the entire Islamic world and paralyze Israel’s friends among Arabs and Muslims.

To do this, Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas used the annual Jerusalem Day parade, which is organized by the city hall and is celebrated for decades. In fact, the first such parade was organized by Jews before World War II, and then it was also used by the Islamists as a pretext for pogroms. This is an old tradition: the war against the Jews for Jerusalem.



And now let’s move on from the pretexts to the true motives that prompted Hamas to unleash a war.

First, it turned out that Arabs and true Muslims are ready to sacrifice the sacred cow of Palestine for the sake of their salvation from the aggression of Iran. Several Arab states have recognized Israel’s right to exist and have established ties with us.

Second, the new US president (or new presidents) is changing the course Trump has charted in the Middle East. So far, this change has given impetus to the intensification of Iranian aggression and the new Palestinian war for the destruction of Israel.

It is more than likely that it was the ayatollahs and American pro-Palestinian lobby who pushed Palestinians to new aggression. There are many indications that the Iranians are not interested in the renewal of the treaty canceled by Trump. They have already threatened Israel with nuke bombing, that is they already have the nuke. If so, what is the reason for America appeasing ayatollahs?

In fact, the sanctions, which were not supported by Europe, China, Russia, or India, are unlikely to greatly affect the economic situation in Iran. The difficulties that the Iranian economy is experiencing are in fact caused by a rampant expensive arms race, as well as the maintenance of satellites like Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Hutis and their wars.

American sanctions could be effective if the United States organized a real blockade of Iran. In the meantime, the Ayatollahs are making excuses to their people for the economic hardships by pointing the finger at the United States.

Just like Hamas justifies the hard life of the Gazans by pointing the finger at the Israeli «blockade» full of holes, which Hamas provokes on its own initiative. How leaky this «blockade» is is evident from the large number of Russian and Iranian missiles hitting Israeli towns and villages. It is likely that Egyptian President Al Sisi is also planting weapons at Hamas.


Now many highways are dangerous for traffic, gangs of extremists attack buses and private cars, and restaurants. A group of extremists rioted the hospital. Attacks on Jews are organized in mixed cities with large Arab populations like Lod, Ramla, Haifa, and Akko. Sometimes groups of Arabs arrive in Jewish cities, Tiberias, Hadera, and organize attacks on Jews.

And now Jewish extremists have come to life, attacking Arab drivers and just passers-by. We are back to the state that took place in the 30s of the XX century.



The International Criminal Court intends to prosecute us for a previous attempt to counter Hamas aggression in 2014. I analyzed the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the «Crimes of the Israeli Military,» chaired by American Judge Davis.

The Commission acted in the direction of the UN Human Rights Committee. According to the mandate given to Davis, the human right to live in peace and security does not extend to Jews.

In order to comply with the directive of the Human Rights Committee, Judge Davis arbitrarily changed international law and announced that Israel has no right to respond to massive rocket attacks since Gaza is densely populated. There is no such condition in international law.

Yielding to pressure from the international community, the Israeli Taasiya Avirit (aerospace industry) developed and implemented the Iron Dome anti-missile system, which basically provided passive defense for the people of Israel for several years.

And now the Palestinians have proved to us that this system can no longer protect the lives of Israelis. Whether we like it or not, we need to strike at Hamas’ military forces and its political leadership. But both are hidden in underground bunkers, connected by a system of tunnels that cover the entire territory of Gaza. Despite all precautions, retaliatory airstrikes sometimes result in civilian casualties.

However, the main casualties of the civilian population of Gaza are the victims of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad missiles that land in Gaza. Hundreds of such «unsuccessful launches» are already counted. Are all these really «accidents»? In the past war of 2014, HAMAS launched purposely rockets in Gaza playground and the main hospital, then accused Israel of the killing of children.

The investigation of a previous operation in 2014 showed that terrorists stop at nothing. They deliberately kill Palestinian children and civilians so that the American TV presenter can then announce: «For every 10 Israeli casualties, there are 100 Palestinians.» The calculation is for the propaganda effect. And then an international court will charge Israel with war crimes.



From the point of view of the Jews, we are already back in the days of Hitler. Obviously, the pro-Palestinian faction of the Democrats seeks genocide of the Jews, under the pretext of the salvation of the Palestinian children. The only thing we can do in such circumstances is to try to strengthen our unity and our state of Israel.

The people must finally wake up and get out of the zombie state into which our media, Facebook, and corrupt politicians have driven us. To reject crooks from politics like Lapid and Lieberman, who successfully sparked a civil war between Jews. This war has inspired Hamas and all anti-Semites around the world, including Jewish tycoons, to try again to destroy the Jewish state, this time from within.

Netanyahu must finally assume the necessary powers, form a «technical» government, and ensure the transition to a presidential democracy. In the next elections, we must elect a president who will form the government, avoiding the pressure of the sectoral parties.



HOLY PLACES President Erdogan has just voiced my long-standing proposal to establish interfaith control over the common holy places of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. This category includes the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Machpelah cave in Hebron, the tomb of the prophet Samuel, the tomb of Shimon the Righteous in Sheikh Jarrah, etc. This proposal should be accepted and negotiated with stakeholders.

IN ISRAEL Now, immediately, we will have to introduce martial law in the threatened regions of the country and exclude those tens of thousands of weapons, which frightened us by the deputy Khatib from the Islamic party RAAM.

Opposition leader Lapid is trying to build a new governing coalition, relying on Arab MPs, three of whom have refused to swear allegiance to the Jewish state. Lieberman is demanding the post of finance minister in the planned government of outright traitors, swindlers, and enemies of Israel. All together they are trying to remove the representatives of the Jewish majority from power.

The police must finally establish control in Arab settlements and eliminate, with the support of the army, criminal gangs terrorizing the Arab population. Hamas and Abu Mazen are using these bandits to terrorize both the Arab and Jewish populations of Israel.

Yes, the time has come to turn Israel into a state of all citizens, that is, to establish effective state power over all sectors of the population. In order to achieve this goal, it is worthwhile to include responsible Arab public figures in the government.

Incitement of inter-communal hatred should be prohibited, and parties that violate the ban should not be allowed to participate in elections.