pan_futiy May 28, 2018 at 9:41 am

What are the «Palestinians»?

There are no such people, or nationality! This term was invented — you yourself will guess where and by whom? And many wrote about this, including even the Arabs. And that it is not worth using this KGB-ist term, too, it was said a lot, but here you go …


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Aaron (Record Author)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  May 29, 2018 at 9:58 am

In the recent past, the Palestinians really were not a people separate from other Arabs. This fact was arranged, in particular, by the authorities of the Ottoman Empire.  Just they divided the Land of Israel (Palestine) into three parts, and transferred these parts to different authorities: Damascus (Syria), Saida (Lebanon), and Gaza, which included the western outskirts of Palestine and Sinai. Then they separated the city of Jerusalem from the authority of Damascus and placed above it a chief, a «Mutasarrif». Yet before that, the European powers had introduced their special «consular regime» in Jerusalem and Haifa.

After WWII, the British Empire created a territorial unit called Palestine. And then the Arabs of the Mandate territory of Palestine (first Christians, and then Muslims) began to feel their common destiny, separate from other Arabs. In particular, they were united by hatred towards their Jewish fellow citizens.

Although the Palestinians shouted all over the world that the Jews are invaders and colonizers, the Palestinian people realize in their mass that just they are settlers, that this land belongs to the Jews according to the Bible and the Koran.

For a thousand year, the Palestinian settlers and their descendants made efforts to destroy the remnants of Jews who survived and continued to cling to this land. The newcomers supplanted their Jewish predecessors and prevented the Jews of Diaspora from return home, to a country that, as the Palestinian settlers themselves believed, belongs to the Jews by right. The Palestinian people consider themselves a thief who stole the land from the Jews, and therefore they seek to eliminate Jews, the legitimate masters of the country, by all possible means. Current Palestinian behavior prolongs this 1.000 years old tradition.

At the same time, the Palestinian colonists and their descendants have always relied on the support of external anti-Semites. First, there were Turkish caliphs, who did everything to prevent the Jews from settling in their country. Sultan gave the lands «cleansed» of Jews to settlers from different countries. I am personally acquainted with an Arab family who moved in from Arabia in the 19th century, receiving as «a gift from the sultan» the lands in Gaza, Jaffa and Tulkarem. However, the greatest number of Muslim and Christian settlers came from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

Then the Palestinians received a gift from the British Empire, about 400,000 acres of land, and sold it to Jews at a speculative price that exceeded European prices by a factor of 10. When, however, the Jews wanted to flee from Hitler to the lands they had bought in Palestine, the Palestinians, with the cooperation of the British colonial empire, closed the entrance to the only legitimate Jewish shelter. All the rest of the World also shut the doors to the Jewish refugees from Nazi occupied Europe.

Yes, the Palestinian people bear their own share of the responsibility for the Holocaust, precisely because the Palestinians did not allow Jews to escape from the genocide to the land they purchased in Palestine just with the purpose to obtain a shelter.

Moreover, the Palestinian leader Amin al Husseini personally monitored that none of the victims could escape to Palestine. For this purpose he appealed to the authorities of Croatia, Hungary and Romania. He managed to disrupt operations to save thousands of Jewish children and adults. All these victims were deprived of the chance to survive.

So, the Palestinians received support against the Jews from Turkey, Great Britain, Nazi Germany, the USSR, Arab nationalists like Nasser and Saddam Hussein, then from the Iranian ayatollahs, from the European Union, American elites, including some Jewish intellectuals, and eventually from global corporations, including Google and Facebook.

But whatever happened in the past, today the descendants of the former colonists have united in the Palestinian people. This nation does exist and is waging a war of destruction against the Jews. We cannot hide our heads in the sand and repeat without end that there are no such people in the Earth. Such a stupid behavior hurts us. The existence of the enemy must be recognized to begin with, and then we may think about how to defend ourselves, given that pro-Palestinian anti-Semitism has won the World village. This last fact is very clearly seen especially in the behavior of the UN.

The Palestinian colonists and their descendants have their rights that must be recognized. The actual partition of Palestine symbolizes the fact that this small piece of land has two rightful owners: the Jews, who mostly returned from exile (although there are descendants of those who stayed here despite all persecutions), and the Palestinians, who gradually settled the land devastated by them, since the 7th century, but especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. Both Palestine and Israel have right to exist, and this fact must be recognized.