In their aspiration to annihilate Jews, the Palestinians always relay on powerful external antisemitic assistance. First, these external anti-Zionists were Turkish Caliphs (Sultans), then British colonial empire, Hitler, one more time Britons, Arab nationalists, Nasser, USSR, Saddam Hussein, Iranian Ayatollahs, Western Left, Western mainstream, United Europe, one more time Jihadis, one more time Turkey etc etc. 
The quarrel between FATAH and HAMAS over external assistance and external money is about who is more useful for the Palestinians. HAMAS relaid on the «circle of Islam». FATAH relaid first on Arab nationalists, then on the worldwide secular antisemites, and currently on World corporations like Facebook, Google, automotive corporations, banks etc. Last HAMAS Charter reflects HAMAS’ attempt to get assistance from worldwide secular antisemites, too.
Simultaneously, HAMAS is building its own military power in Gaza. Underground fortresses and tunnels enable HAMAS’ military to rescue themselves from air strikes, rocket and artillery fire, to change quickly places of rocket launching and to attack IDF suddenly from underground. HAMAS’ rocket arsenal is growing in numbers and in quality, they learn more advanced methods, but don’t resign from using massive «population shield». That is, HAMAS continues turning the Gaza people victims of Israeli counter-strikes. These tactics are the core of Palestine propaganda and pretext for antisemitic assistance from abroad. Actually, entire World assists HAMAS military, which is strengthening its power and political influence.
Until World gives the assistance to the Palestinians, they are unready to reconciliation with Israel. Tramp’s idea is to take from the Palestinians their hope for annihilation of Israel, even with antisemitic assistance from abroad.
The israeli occupation of the West Bank prevents extending Gaza scenario  to whole Palestine. The more you help Palestine, the more Israel needs occupation of the West Bank. The alternative is genocide of the Jews. Due to Palestinian tactics, the occupation turned means to achieve peace.