Polish lawmakers accepted bill, which forbids (for private persons) to accuse Polish people over Holocaust crimes. Well, we know, that the initiator of the Holocaust was Hitler as a person. He changed his Nazi party program regarding the Jews. Instead of previously proclaimed expulsion of the Jews from Germany, Hitler pushed forward the complete extermination of the Jews in all lands that he conquered.

This change had two rational reasons. First, the re-settling  of 11.000.000 Jews to the previously appointed lands, Palestine and Madagascar, which were out of German control, turned out  impractical. Britons, who did control Palestine, demonstratively closed the door, while Palestinian representative Amin al Husseini opposed Palestine solution fiercely. All other countries closed the door for the Jews, too.

Unexpectedly, Hitler conquered almost all Europe and started his next  push:  to the Middle East. Hitler launched  attack  against  his ally Stalin because of both attempted to impose their authority over  Middle East.

Thus, seeking to turn World German empire “judenfrei”, Hitler came to logical conclusion, that he must annihilate all Jews.

But there was a second, or maybe more principal reason to exterminate Jews. Hitler’s racist, shauvinist idea of German supremacy inevitably repelled all non-Germans who found themselves under German rule. To get his empire united,  Stalin made use of Marx’s  Internationalism idea. But Hitler had no such luxus. Instead, he pushed anti-Semitism as his main reason to unite and subdue his new heterogeneous subjects.

The History is, that among all peoples conquered by Hitler there were both sorts, collaborators and resistance. However, murder of the Jews have performed also “neutral” or “non-involved” people, too.

According to Israel Yad Vashem institute, about 200.000 Polish Jews were murdered “independently” by Poles. Now, Polish law fobade Us to mention those Poles, who have murdered Jews independently, not being German servants. Well, such small “independent” holocausts were performed by Ukrainians (My relatives perished at the hands of Ukrainians yet before German-initiated Holocaust started), by Belorussians, Lithuanians, Croatians, Romanians etc. The Palestinians tried it yet in 1936-39 but failed.

Finally, Britons who prevented Jewish refuge to Palestine, may be considered collaborators of Hitler’s Holocaust.

But let’s return to present days:

The Irish parliament gave initial approval to a bill that would boycott goods produced by Israeli companies. Israel is enraged.

By: World Israel News Staff

The Irish parliament, the Seanad, on Tuesday gave initial approval to a bill that would boycott goods produced by Israeli companies based in Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights.

The Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018 would make it a violation of Irish criminal law to purchase goods and services from Israeli companies based in Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights. It would punish violators with up to five years in prison.

Independent senator Frances Black, who introduced the bill, has previously signed a letter calling for a boycott of all Israeli products and services.

My note: Sanctions by government, including imprisonment for violation of such sanctions, is act of war. Since Ireland haven’t impose such sanctions in all other cases of international conflicts, for example conflicts over Kashmir, Karabakh, Kurdistan etc, the Irish law should be considered racist antisemitic law, a sort of Nuremberg laws of Hitler.


It appears, today’s Europeans make use of the same Hitler’s method to unite the bitty European populations: natives with immigrants, liberals with fascists, Muslims with Christians, Atheists with believers, imperialists with their victims, etc etc. Antisemitism (antizionism) is uniting idea.

The difference is, that current pretext for hitlerization is a suffering of hereditary anti-Semites from Palestine, the only who fall victims of their own anti-Semitism.