The left is counting that the people of Israel have a bad memory. They are wrong. The Oslo Accords provided for the very independence of Palestine as a result of the «final treaty», but the Palestinians thwarted their implementation.

At first, they tried to disrupt Oslo with terror, but this was not enough. The assassination of Rabin, whose main instigator was Yasser Arafat, was also not enough. Yes, I contend that Arafat was the main culprit in the murder of Rabin, and this is based on a cardinal fact: Arafat negotiated ostensible peace and at the same time unleashed the most outright terror against the Jewish population.

He was especially fond of killing babies. In doing so, he created a violent conflict within Jewish society, more than intentionally. The result was the assassination of Rabin, who called the victims of Palestinian terror «victims of peace.» ARAFAT MURDERED RABIN.

Then, due to targeted terror, the Palestinians helped to defeat Peres, brought Netanyahu to power, but this was not enough. Netanyahu continued to abide by the Oslo Accords. It was he who signed the last of the Oslo Accords in 1998. A year later, Netanyahu was eliminated, Ehud Barak won the elections due to foreign money, but this was not enough.

Ehud Barak forced Arafat to negotiate at Camp David in 2000, made far-reaching concessions, including the resettlement of 200,000 refugees in Israel, and agreed to divide Jerusalem and move the capital of Palestine there …

But every concession of Barak Arafat met with new, more unacceptable demands. The talks were disrupted by Arafat. His wife, Suha, explained that Arafat had made the decision on the Intifada a year before the Camp David talks. Labor leader Barak explained to the people of Israel that Palestine does not want peace.

During the Intifada, Arafat urged the West to bomb Israel the way they bombed Serbia. He really expected to destroy Israel during his lifetime.

The Palestinians denounced the Oslo Accords, while Israel continues to abide by them to this day.


After the Intifada, the Palestinians refused all peace proposals. Olmert and Livni fulfilled the promise given to the Arabs and the United States of a unilateral «disengagement», razed to the ground all Jewish villages in Gaza and three more in the West Bank, and withdrew the IDF from Gaza. Despite this, the «partner» Abu Mazen refused to sign any treaty with Israel. Then he was defeated in the parliamentary elections. Hamas seized power in Gaza.

Abu Mazen refused to sign a «final» peace treaty with Israel on terms offered by the Muslim Barack Obama. He then refused to go for Trump’s «Deal of the Century». Trump’s plan differed little from Obama’s.

Hamas consistently refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist and intensively accumulates weapons for the upcoming destruction of Israel, continues to build a system of underground tunnels under Gaza and its environs, entering Israeli territory. Develops a military industry and holds the population of Gaza in the position of hostages.

Attempts to soften this line of Hamas, including the proposals of Yair Lapid, the leaders of Hamas shoaled out of the door. They took the war to Israel. They will be satisfied only with the destruction of the Jewish state through genocide or the flight of Jews. And they really hope that Putin, after Ukraine, will unleash his hired killers (“contractors”) on Israel.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    The occupation is legal means to prevent Palestine’s aggression against Israel. They give us no choice but to occupy Palestine.

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