Revolting students and teachers at Columbia University are chanting the slogan: “Go back to Poland!” Let’s decipher this code. The anti-Semitic revolutionaries adopted the idea that the Jews who arrived in Palestine/Israel from all over the world were a rabble, a collection of different races who colonized the holy land of Palestine and expelled the «pure Semitic» native Palestinians. 


In the past, I have read statements from the extreme left that Hitler was right to kill 6 million Jews. Otherwise, these 6 million would also have arrived in Palestine, settled it, and become the majority “from the river to the sea.” About 20 years ago I had to communicate with the spiritual fathers of the American “progressives”. They claimed that the Palestinian Nakba was “the main event of the 20th century.” Accordingly, the Holocaust of the Jews was a very progressive event. These are the ideas they drilled into the heads of their students who now serve in the Biden administration.


Today these same anti-Zionists loudly claim that the Palestinians did the right thing, that they killed fifteen hundred Jews, civilians, and soldiers, on 7/10. That Jews, including children, are “white colonialists.” Many Jews who arrived in Israel from Yemen, India, and Ethiopia, looking at themselves in the mirror, are surprised: how could such nonsense come into the heads of these anti-Zionists?


Based on racist “progressive ideas”, our Israeli “progressive post-Zionists” demanded to “cantonize” Israel. They, the noble white Ashkenazim, cannot live in the same state together with the “black rabble” of Eastern origin.




But let’s return to the “theoretical basis” of anti-Zionism. It is based on the racist “ideas” of Tel Aviv University professor Shlomo Zand, according to which Jews are a ragtag group of people who are not bound by a common origin, a common culture, or morality. According to Zand, the Zionists “invented” the Jewish people.


Zand published his book, which was widely circulated and translated into ten languages, in 2010. 10 years earlier, outstanding geneticists Doron Behar, Hammer, Ostrer and others had already established that all groups of Jews are genetically related to each other. It is known that about 50% of all Jewish genes are associated with origin in the Middle East.


As for the spiritual connection, in all centuries of dispersion, Jews were guided by the Torah and Talmud, commenting on them and creating new teachings. Innovations were spread and discussed throughout the Jewish world, from England to Yemen. The philosophy of Maimonides, Kabbalah, Sabbateanism, and RASHI commentaries covered all Jewish communities in the Mediterranean, Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Maimonides was born in Morocco, his parents arrived there from Spain. The family then moved to Egypt, where Rambam took a prominent position.


Today in Israel we are faced with an “amazing” phenomenon: the Lithuanian teaching of mitnagdim is most popular among Jews who come from Morocco. In the past, and even more so today, Jews are connected spiritually. No Zionists could have invented this, this is a historical fact.


The ideas of Zionism that unite us spread throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East, simultaneously. However, Zionism has existed for 2500 years and has never been interrupted.




It turns out that in his book Professor Zand deliberately lied. This is a typically ordered lie. And these false racist “ideas” play the role of Mein Kampf among Hitler’s modern heirs.



The Palestinians, as genetic studies have shown, are mainly descendants of Muslim conquerors, including Muhammad’s Ansar from the Aus tribe. This is also evidenced by legends and names of clans and tribes. Family names like Hijazi, Masri, Halabi, and Al Kurdi tell us that the immigration of Arabs and non-Arabs from Arabia, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon has continued over the last thousand years. The Turkish Sultan distributed state lands to settlers, and he also forbade Jews to move to Palestine. In desperation, Herzl put forward the idea of moving to Uganda.




Hitler accused us of being Semites, alien to the superior Aryan race, and therefore we must be killed. Modern followers of Hitler accuse us that we are NOT Semites, and therefore we must be killed. And the Jewish traitors crucify their love for Palestine and renounce Zionism. Students and teachers of the most prestigious universities in the United States and Europe are expelling Jews from their universities in disgrace.


So, anti-Zionists demand that we be expelled from Israel or killed because we are the “wrong” race. That is, anti-Zionism is racism.


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