1.Natalie Portman explained to the entire world her «skip» of the ceremony of handing her Israeli award  Genesis:

In fact, She gave as many as three explanations.

Firstly, because of the Israeli representative criticized her attitude towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Actually, this is not a reason. If Natalie has the right to criticize the government and the people of Israel for allegedly misconduct against the Palestinians, why does not the representative of the Israeli government have the right to criticize Natalie?

The second reason is the «wrong» behavior of the IDF in the current theatrical performance on the Gaza border. Yes, this time, Hamas invented a new, original way of propaganda war against Israel, throwing thousands of unarmed fighters into battle. I agree that this method has created serious problems for us, especially in the light of the worldwide campaign to de-legitimize Israel. But this does not mean that we must raise our hands and surrender to the mercy of the Hamas winner.

The fact that Natalie Portman concluded so quickly against the IDF, against the people of Israel and its government, reveals the original prejudice of the actress. It turns out that we have no right to prevent the forcible entry of Hamas foreigners into the territory of Israel.

Supporters of the Palestinians have long recognized Palestine as a separate independent state, and at the same time insist on the right of the Palestinians to freely “return” to Israel, not being  Israeli citizens. Hence the vicious propaganda about the «wall of apartheid» and other measures to prevent the violent penetration of Palestinians into Israel. Allegedly, we are using the wrong methods to deter the Palestinians. This last question about methods is at least controversial.

The fact that actress Portman decided to boycott us means that practically she supports the frankly anti-Semitic BDS, which demands the liquidation the Jewish state.

And finally, the third reason: Natalie did not want to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, who was supposed to be present at the award ceremony.

  1. Frankly, I refrained from expressing my opinion about the person and the investigations against Netanyahu. I’m waiting for the results of these investigations. But life does not wait, problems continue, Israel needs an acting head of government, so I decided not to postpone any more and to speak on this issue.

Regardless of the results of the investigation, and even of the verdict of a possible law court, Binyamin Netanyahu is the legally elected prime minister of Israel. While his guilt is not proved, (and possibly it will not be approved), Natalie does not have the moral right to boycott him, since by such boycott she shows her disrespect to the most of Israelis. All election polls approve, that Netanyahu may win possible elections.

A big question is about the motives of Natali. Involuntarily we compare Israeli developments with that civil war, which USA democrats arranged to the lawfully elected US president, Donald Trump. It seems that the campaign against Netanyahu is also a civil war, just like a campaign against Trump. And, similar key role play the media.

In such a circumstances, I am forced to speak on the issue of the charges against Netanyahu, without waiting for the result of the investigation and law court.

The first charge, allegedly he helped his rich foreign «friends» in exchange for gifts, is difficult to prove. After all, the same actions in their favor he had to do in the framework of his official duties. The fact of the connection between gifts and practical actions of Netanyahu in such a situation is difficult to prove.

In this occasion, we must recall Shimon Peres, Ezer Weizmann, Ehud Barak, Itzhak Herzog, Ehud Olmert, Avigdor Lieberman — they all had rich foreign sponsors or received large sums from abroad under various pretexts. Not to mention the Israeli-Arab politicians who receive «subsidies» from Qatar and other foreign sources. After all, Israeli «human rights activists» exist mainly at the expense of foreign «sponsors», including George Soros. Seemingly, we must judge them all.

The situation is more complicated with accusations about corruption relations with the media.

The first of these accusations is that Nuni Moses, the owner of the leading Israeli media concern, Yedioth Ahronoth, suggested to stop the long-running campaign of his media attacks against Netanyahu (and his family), in exchange for Netanyahu’s support against Moses’ main rival, Israel Hayom.

We must recall that in the 90s Nuni Moses was the man who created or destroyed politicians, including the Prime Minister. And he also led a continuous campaign of harassment, pouring mud at Netanyahu and his wife Sarah. Whole of Israel was the witness of this campaign. However, TV did not lag behind Moses, I am a witness and remember everything perfectly. This is very similar to the campaign of the American Democrats against Trump.

Interestingly, Netanyahu’s main competitor in the struggle for the Prime Minister’s office, Yair Lapid, is the witness in this case. Yet more interestingly, Yair Lapid began his journalistic career, and then his political career, under the strict guidance of the alleged «bribe-giver», Nuni Moses. That time Lapid was Moses’ employee…

Netanyahu cannot deny that the conversation took place, because of Moses recorded it. Netanyahu claims only that he has not actually fulfilled this verbal agreement. Strictly speaking, this was not necessary, since the influence of the newspaper tycoon (and the owner of the news site Ynet) Moses has since then declining due to competition from the Israel Hayom Group and the competition of other electronic media.

And then there came a case related to the owner of Bezeq  company, and of the news site Walla, Shaul Alovich, who, as it turned out, was among the friends of Netanyahu. Like in the case of Moses, Netanyahu is accused that the news site Walla allegedly refers positively to Netanyahu, in contrast to the Moses’ site, Ynet.  Me personally haven’t detect a change in Walla’s behavior towards Netanyahu. This accusation is simply difficult to prove.

If everything were limited to these above-mentioned suspicions, then Netanyahu should not be charged. But there are still «leaks» about bribes, and these charges, in my opinion, are more serious. Well, let’s wait and see.

Meanwhile, our enemies got a new reason for de-legitimizing Israel: the prime minister is under investigation. And this was the third reason for the antics of Natalie Portman.

  1. But let’s set aside the pretexts and discuss real reasons for her actions.

Her success and position Natalie is obliged to a certain circle of people who run the cinema industry. Naturally, the actress acts as her surroundings expect. And this is the very environment that awarded the deceitful Palestinian art and propaganda film «Jenin, Jenin,» based on «facts» invented by Yasser Arafat personally. The UN Commission then investigated the charges against Israel and proved their falsity.

Natalie Portman officially converted to the religion of the «Protection of Palestine», based on anti-Semitic lies, and betrayed us, the people of Israel. Such is her profit. We all received a slap from her for defending ourselves from the anti-Semitic aggression of the Palestinians, and allegedly a «bad» head of government. All mentioned above explains but doesn’t justify Natalie. She is immoral.

In this connection, let’s analyze: does Benjamin Netanyahu makes good or bad for the people of Israel? After all, whether we like it or not, we all will be responsible for the policy of the government that we chose. The Palestinians are permitted to do everything bad, but we are not permitted any mistakes.

  1. To understand the role of Netanyahu, let’s ask ourselves: what is the main task facing any Israeli prime minister? The answer is: this task is to confront world anti-Semitic pressure, the ultimate goal of which is the genocide of the people of Israel. Under any pretext: of «peace», or «protection of Palestine,» or «the liberation of Jerusalem,» or even without a pretext.

We Israelis  feel ourselves a game that anti-Semites hunt. Strictly speaking, the Palestinian people were created artificially and receive salaries specifically to run ahead of the hunters and drive the game, that is, us. And also to give a propaganda motive for the hunt.

Therefore, security is the main criterion to estimate Israeli politicians. Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres failed not because of they tried to reach peace with the Arabs and Palestinians, but because of they took unjustified risk for this goal. The Oslo Accords did not include any guarantees in case the anti-Semites and their hired Palestinians break the treaty and resume the hunt against the Jews.

Then-time leaders behaved as if anti-Semitism had disappeared, as if there was no unequal struggle for the survival of Israel. They, seemingly, recognized that the Jews offended  the Palestinians for nothing, and drove them out of their native villages and towns for no guilt.

  1. But the Palestinians themselves know better than us that everything is just opposite. That the hunt for the Jews has lasted thousands of years, and that their ancestors have participated this hunt since the Arab people settled in Palestine. That the Jews of Palestine, both local and new arrivals, are «people of death» who are supposed to be robbed and killed, and this is what the ancestors of the Palestinians were doing.

Why did the Palestinians reject the British 1937 proposal  to create a Palestinian state with an Arab majority and a Jewish minority? Since they expected the British to consent to the genocide of Jews. The Islamist bandit Izz ad Din al Qassam moved from Syria to Palestine specifically to kill the Jews. And for this same reason Amin al Husseini betrayed the British, his former masters, and began to serve Hitler.

Israeli concessions in the name of peace were perceived by the Palestinians as encouragement the resumption of the hunting Jews. And they staged the terror of Oslo, the Intifada, and then voted for Hamas, which promised to accomplish the genocide of the Jews.

The latest, modernized version of the Hamas Charter (2017) repeats the demand to destroy Israel. However, the Anti-Semitic passages borrowed from Hitler’s Mein Kampf, were removed from the Charter. The World Caliphate also does not appear anymore, and there is no reference to the Islamic conquest of Palestine as a «legal» basis for claiming the destruction of Israel. If so, the new Hamas’ Charter lacks logical reasons for destruction of Israel.  It turns out, that all our fault is that we exist.

Of course, the Palestinians understand that without outside help they cannot cope with such a task as the destruction of Israel. Therefore, the stake is made for the intervention of «external» forces, such as Islamists, American democrats, world corporations, Iran, Europe, Russia, Turkey and who else?

Well, anti-Zionists of all stripes (including European, Jewish and American liberals) made use of the fault of Rabin. They literally pushed the Palestinians to terror and Intifada, and then began to twist Israel’s hands, demanding to stop unilaterally our resistance to Palestinian terror and aggression (as well as the aggression of Iran and Hezbollah). And this time they did not even promise to give any peace in return for concessions.

  1. So, Netanyahu coped with his main task: in the most difficult period for Israel, he resisted the powerful pressure of the Obama administration, and of the European empire, not to mention Iran, Turkey, the Arab Spring, Egyptian and other Islamists. He secured the absolutely necessary occupation of Palestine. True, Gaza has not coped yet, but, let patience, gentlemen.

Yes, I am far from agreeing with Binyamin Netanyahu, and I wrote (and I yet will write) in this issue. Despite this, I believe that he is the best prime minister of Israel among all real candidates. And even if he leaves his office, we all will remain grateful to him for what he has already accomplished.

However, it would be better to give Netanyahu another chance: to consolidate success and, if possible, to achieve peace while maintaining the necessary security. Maybe, not the general peace with all anti-Semites, because of this is impossible. It is enough if our neighbors recognize us as an integral part of the Middle East.

Let’s recall, the first peace treaty with the Arabs was signed by the «hawk» Menachem Begin. With US President Trump as an ally, Netanyahu can repeat Begin’s historical breakthrough, and at the same time not to give up Israel  to anti-Semites, whether the Ayatollahs, Europe, the American democrats or the Palestinian people.