“The killing of Palestinian demonstrators by Israeli forces in Gaza is tragic. It is the right of all people to protest for a better future without a violent response,” Sanders, tweeted on Saturday.

«perhaps most poignantly, one of the rockets misfired and hit one of the few functioning power plants in Gaza, plunging Palestinians already suffering under severe electricity shortages into darkness».

Similar event «happened» in the course of 2014 Gaza war. During temporary “humanist ceasefire”, Hamas fired 4 rockets simultaneously, from the same launching point, against Gaza objects. One of these objects was Shifa hospital, while another was playground, filled by kids and their parents. This last fire produced 20 more victims, mostly children. Naturally, Hamas blamed the victims on Israel. Clearly, that wasn’t «misfire», but purposed hitting of Gaza population. Just like recent blowing of gas pump station.

So, the «misfire» isn’t surprising at all, since whole Hamas’ calculated demonstrative challenging of Israeli people’s patience, starting with «Oslo terror» (let’s recall Rabin’s «Victims of Peace»), then rocket terror, refusing any peace talks, (which «humanists» like Jimmy Carter tried in the past), demonstrative demand to annihilate Israel, included into the new (2017) Hamas Charter— all these force on Israel counter-measures, which inevitably hit Palestinian population.

«You have to get to the fence to understand the tactic: The Palestinians are raising a pillar of smoke in the hope that it will weigh heavily on the soldiers’ breathing. Under the cover of the smoke and while the soldiers are busy defending themselves, the Palestinians hope to break through the fence, bypass the snipers’ positions, and bring in terrorists, children and the disabled. The breach of the fence and the establishment of a temporary Palestinian outpost on Israeli soil within the Green Line would intensify the fire to remove them and increase the number of fatalities. The Hamas leadership may be interested in this, but not the demonstrators. Were they desperate? There is no certainty». Reporter that visited the fence clashes, explains, that steady western winds drive both smoke from burning car tubes and tear gas to Israeli snipers who suffer from such a poisoning. Do You remember Gaza baby, that died from tear gas? 

Hamas doesn’t seek better conditions of peace for Palestinians, since it seeks genocide of the Jews at any cost, including sacrificing of the Palestinians. Hamas keeps hostages both Gaza and Israel, and simultaneously closes ANY way out from stalemate, which Hamas itself created. Actually, this is the continuation of the Amin al Husseini’s policy, which caused famous Palestinian Naqba. Hamas’ principle sounds like: «The more damage Hamas causes to the Palestinian People, the harsher is the anti-Semitic “humanist” onslaught on Israel». Actually, all Hamas’ wars, including current “Strange war” on Israel’s border, sought to produce as many victims among the Palestinians, as possible. Purposely deepening Gaza people’s misery, Hamas extorts money for its war preparations. Hamas is trading Palestinian victimhood, with a good profit.

President Trump has already refuted «humanist» populist propaganda, with his sacramental question: «What is your alternative?».

The only alternative, which the «Humanists» may propose, is the fulfillment of main Hamas’ demand: to genocide the Jews. Such is the BDS policy, too. Not only the method, but the very goal of the BDS is criminal. So, the populist «Humanists» (like Sanders) join the BDS, and pressure against the victims, that is Gaza and Israel population, on behalf of war criminals of Hamas. “Humanist” politicians of Europe and USA, intellectuals (Noam Chomsky), artists (Natalie Portman), contribute Hamas’ crimes against humanity. Such is their “support for Palestinian children». Encouraged by success among Muslims and anti-Semitic populists, Hamas is continuing its crime.