Biden’s demand: PALESTINIAN STATE NOW. What can Netanyahu do about this? If accepted, then Ben Gvir and Smotrich, representatives of the religious Zionists, will leave the coalition. Traitors will enter the government and announce a “deal” (surrender of the State of Israel).
In fact, it is possible to accept Biden’s ultimatum, but in a way that Israel does not capitulate. I suggested a way out of this trap two years ago. Namely: recognize the Palestinian state on territories A and B (but not C), and immediately, in one breath, declare war on it.
What is the point of a formal declaration of war on the State of Palestine? Firstly, the de facto war has been going on for a long time, and Palestine is the aggressor in this war. Occupation and blockade are LEGAL means of resistance to aggression, and we have been using these means for a long time. In addition, we may declare recognition of the separate state of Gaza and declare a state of war with this newly formed state.
What is the point of the Israeli government recognizing Palestine? After all, most UN member states have long recognized Palestine as an independent state and established diplomatic relations with it. Palestine has been accepted into all branches of the UN as a state. And participates in international sporting competitions as a state. It’s time to stop burying your head in the sand and face reality.
What will change if we announce such recognition? Almost nothing. The Hitleroid Biden administration can admit Palestine to the UN without our consent. The UN itself will not change because of this either. The majority of UN member states also adhere to the position of the Hitlerites, declaring at a vote in the General Assembly that genocide (7.10), Palestinian terror and rocket attacks on Israel over the past 20 years are OK, but Jewish resistance to Palestinian aggression is a war crime and even genocide. 152 states voted for this position. So they will have 153 votes. So what?
Smotrich and Ben Gvir must eat this toad, otherwise they will expose the entire state and the entire people. All they have to do is acknowledge the fact that the Nazi Palestinian people really exist.


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