Hitler was just a politician. Playing the card of anti-Semitism, he hoped to gain power in a completely democratic way: to win the elections. Just like today’s European politicians. And he succeeded because the anti-Semitism card was a trump card. We know what he did with this success.




Today this story is being repeated in many European countries. For example, British Labor advocates “for Palestine,” that is, for a new genocide of the Jews. A sharp jump in their popularity occurred on 07/10/2023. We all remember Jeremy Corbyn, but unfortunately, we forgot that in 1948, when the fate of Israel was being decided, the Prime Minister of Britain was the Labor member Attlee.


Great Britain led a coalition of Arab states that did not agree with the decision of the UN General Assembly to create a Jewish state on the territory of Mandatory Palestine. It was Labor Britain that armed the main Arab armies (Egypt, Jordan, Iraq) and the Arab Legion, which was commanded by the British.


As a matter of fact, these were the British who returned the Islamist Amin al Husseini to Palestine and gave him control of the Arab Higher Committee (of Palestine). It is not surprising that Al Husseini attempted to carry out, under British control, what he had helped Hitler do: the genocide of the Jews. He failed in part because the commander of British forces in Palestine refused to carry out orders from the British government. But that’s history.




Today, about half of Europeans support Palestine. And Palestine openly proclaimed the genocide of Jews as its goal. It is no coincidence that the International Court of Justice is discussing the issue of alleged “genocide” in Gaza. World Nazis are looking for an excuse for Palestinian Nazis who are preparing genocide against Jews.

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