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To finally find the right path to peace, we must first understand the real situation around Israel. The Jewish-Palestinian conflict, as it turned out, concerns not only us and the Palestinians.


Why does everyone consider themselves entitled to interfere in our affairs and dictate rules of conduct, while at the same time questioning our right to defend ourselves against aggression? The reason, obviously, is that anti-Semites forcibly dragged the Jewish state into their eternal conflict with the Jews.


That is why we are forced to endure the endless tricks and vagaries of the Palestinians, including rocket attacks and a propaganda theater, UN resolutions and anti-Israeli media ravings.


There’s no way to understand what happens here and why Israel is behaving so “illogically” if you ignore this essentially global conflict.


The conflict between Jews and anti-Semites is extremely unbalanced, the correlation of forces is approximately 1: 1000. Palestinians have realized this fact hundreds of years ago, and are expecting to this day that anti-Semites will destroy the Jews and their state.


All the main contenders for world domination, from Hitler to the current participants in the fight for this prize, chose anti-Semitism as their main ideology. There is no need to prove this fact in the case of Hitler. The result of Hitler’s anti-Semitism was the Holocaust.


In the USSR, anti-Semitism, including anti-Zionism, grew simultaneously with increasing military power and claims to world domination.


If Hitler’s anti-Semitism was originally an “antidote” to Marxism, then in the USSR at the late stage of its existence, anti-Zionism replaced Marxism as a leading idea. The left and liberals in Europe and the United States, have rolled down the same path.


After the collapse of the USSR, the globalist elites of Europe and the USA took up the anti-Semitic idea of ​​»protecting Palestine». Seemingly, the globalists stand behind the scenes of the evolution of the left. The main threat to the existence of the Jewish state comes from both Islamists and Western globalists, both pretending to become the masters of the World.


For Islamists, the idea of ​​»protecting Palestine» has long been the main justification for their aggression and participation in the struggle for world domination, which Muslims dubbed the «World Caliphate.»


Iranian ayatollahs without false modesty announced that «the center of power over the World has moved to the Middle East.» This refers to the dependence of the entire planet on oil supplies from the Persian Gulf region. The ayatollah ideology, as we know, has smoothly evolved from anti-imperialism to the «liberation of Jerusalem.»


Today, the idea of ​​anti-Semitism has taken the form of anti-Zionism and is known as the «Protection of Palestine.» The ideology of the “Cause of Palestine” has more than two billion adherents, from Islamists of all stripes to followers of Jeremy Corbin, of Farrakhan and a half of Europeans.


In Russia, there are also enough anti-Semites supporting the Palestine Cause. Some people in Russia are eager to establish control over the Middle East with its strategic oil reserves, and the most appropriate excuse is to «protect Muslims from Israeli aggression.» This dirty and bloody idea was formulated back in the USSR.


In view of the obvious absurdity of this idea (in fact, just the Islamists set the goal of destroying Israel), this anti-Semitic idea was narrowed down to «protect Palestine from Israel.»


Thank God neither Putin nor Trump was tempted by the trick of anti-Semitism and the “Protection of Palestine” for achieving world domination. By the way, both oppose the globalists.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    1. Technical means to capture World are insufficient. To move people (soldiers, and women that give birth to soldiers) ideology and money are necessary. Muhammad has created the ideology of conquest, under the pretext of fighting for Allah. World Caliphate ideology is based on Qurán. The first subject of Muhammad» conquest were Jews. So, Islamists following Muhammad, aspire to annihilate the Jewish State. Then, Hitler based his ideology of World domination on anti-Semitic racism. Currently, European «ëlites» follow Hitler by making Israel their main target in the Middle East. American global domination seekers turned anti-Israel brainwashing their means to win minds and souls all over the World Village. And, finally, the UN clerks are working tirelessly to de-legitimize the Jewish State. The Palestinians get protection from all World Domination seekers, otherwise, the Jewish-Palestinian conflict will be resolved.

    2.»A lot of problems would be solved if the rest of the world decided to stop playing nice and just glass the entire area». Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei expressed opinion, that Middle Eastern oil is the key to World domination. World powers and superpowers contend to control this key. Quite consistently, ayatollahs use embedded Islamic anti-Semitism as a pretext to lead all Shiites to the war for World domination.

    3.My «mentally deficient» postulate that (almost) all aspirants for World domination use anti-Semitism is actually the summary of available facts.

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