We will finish off the enemy, who has been shelling Israeli civilians with impunity for 20 years.


…………. The world media and social networks are silent about this Hamas war crime, which continues today. At this very moment, sirens sound in the center of Israel and on the outskirts of Gaza. Instead of basic facts, we are fed data from the Palestinian Ministry of Health about Palestinian victims.


The most popular TV channels, such as CNN, consistently keep silent about the fact that half of the Palestinian “victims of Israel” are armed terrorists. And that the rest of the dead, especially children, are victims of Hamas, which is using them as human shields.


In addition to the tunnels from which we are now smoking out Hamas bandits, Hamas’s main strongholds are hospitals, schools, and UN agencies, which shelter tens of thousands of refugees from a war that was initiated by the same Hamas, leaving us with no choice but to fight in response.




The level of anti-Semitic lies on the CNN network has already exceeded the level of Hitler’s anti-Semitic lies.

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