I will not go into details of the events in the territories that are reported (or not reported) by the media. I will dwell on the threat of the intifada, that is, the open war of the Palestinian Authority against the Jews.


Those who finance the criminal left organizations such as Shalom Ahshav, Machsom Watch, B’Tselem, etc., have achieved the elimination of the IDF (Machsom) checkpoints in the West Bank. The increase in terror is a direct consequence of weakened control by the security forces.

Accordingly, the victims of both the Jews and the Palestinian population are their victims. The blood of innocent victims is on their heads, they are the scales of anti-Semites, and they get paid for it. Moreover, on the head of the leftist Merav Michaeli, who, when she was the Minister of Transport, closed the project of a bypass highway near the village of Khawara.


One of the «leaders» Shalom Akhshav was invited to comment on the events in Khawara, the burning of houses and cars on Channel 12 TV. How, a person guilty of what is happening, including the death of people, was given the floor on Channel 12?

If we had a fair trial, organizations like Shalom Ahshav would have been banned long ago, and their accomplices would have been in prison. This is another proof of how much reform is needed both in the courts and in the media.


Virtually no one has read the Oslo Accords, especially the latest Wy Plantation Accord. The Jewish settlements in Zone C have been preserved, and they can and should be expanded. If only because the population is growing.

Cries that Jewish settlements are illegal is a deception of the public and the world community. I personally read the 4th Geneva Convention and came to the obvious conclusion that the case of the West Bank does not fall under the requirement of this convention not to resettle the population of one “authority” (Israel) to the territory of another “authority” (the West Bank), because before 1993 the Palestinian authorities simply did not have.

And when Israel created this «authority», all Jewish villages and cities were included in «zone C» under the control of Israel. In addition, since then, the Jewish population has mainly been growing by «natural increase». Do you want to ban Jewish mothers from having children?


Jewish youth rioted in Khawara since they are forbidden to build houses for themselves. The caravans they built are demolished by the decision of the High Court so that they remain homeless or emigrate to countries where anti-Semitism is growing and rampant. However, they will also be homeless there.

In Khawara, a situation is that any trip of Jews through the village is fraught with a risk to life. Throwing stones at cars, threats, assassination attempts, and now the execution of two young men. Not so long ago, leftist minister Merav Michaeli banned the construction of a bypass highway past Khawara, making the Jews hostages of the Palestinian Authority and its terrorists.


I condemn the actions of the settlers in Hawara, but I remind you that their protest has a reason. These reasons must be eliminated, for example, to build a highway that can be protected from stone throwers and armed bandits. And stop the destruction of Jewish youth villages.

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