OUN members

My grandfather was murdered on the street of Lviv by a Russian soldier when he was walking with his granddaughter (my mother). Mom was then 5 years old, and she ran home to escape death.


I studied at a Ukrainian school with the children of former OUN members. Some were my friends. There are anti-Semites among Ukrainians, as well as among Belarusians, Lithuanians, Russians, etc.

And on the other hand, I walked around the Carpathia and Ciscarpathia and saw numerous hillocks in the place of destroyed huts, and abandoned gardens … These are villages demolished by Soviet invaders.

One former Soviet soldier from the Kuban told me how it was done. A platoon arrived on Studebakers, the inhabitants were driven out to the square, the huts were wrapped around with ropes and the Studebaker demolished it. Those who did not leave the house, such as children, perished.

Then the Ukrainians were taken out on the same Studebakers to the railway station and further to Siberia. Once a boy, whose family had returned from the Tomsk region, was placed at my desk. He showed me on the map where they lived: Mosquito Swamp, 100 by 100 kilometers.

I have summarized what I personally know. There are also stories of my mother, a Jewess, and a former underground communist. She did not express joy at the massacre of Ukrainians, despite the fact that her entire family was killed in 1941 in Lviv, according to witnesses, by Ukrainian nationalists.