Israel was created to be a refuge for the Jews when they are in trouble. This is called Zionism. According to the Nation Law, Israel is a Zionist state that is required to provide asylum to Jews. I also believe that Israel should be a Zionist state of all citizens.

All anti-Semites oppose the aliyah of the Jews, that is, Zionism. They don’t hide it at all. You only need to look at the UN vote against Israel to see that most of humankind is anti-Semitic. And in addition, most of the political establishment. And, in addition, anti-Zionist Jews that believe in globalism.

After all the Holocausts, there are not so many of us left to live. We consider it our duty to provide the remnants of the Jews with the opportunity to survive, raise children and grandchildren, that is, to continue living. Jews should have the right to immigrate to Israel. We sympathize with Ukraine, but we cannot sacrifice Jews for the sake of saving Ukraine.

Zelensky has now proved that he is a greater Ukrainian than all Ukrainians. We have complaints against him for not letting Jewish men out of Ukraine. To get to Israel, Jewish families must be separated, or not leave Ukraine and wait.

Putin is letting the Jews out of Russia so far, and many are rushing to get out before the window slams shut.

At the same time, the enemies staged a series of terrorist attacks in Israel, apparently with the aim of frightening the Jews and stopping aliyah from Russia and Ukraine. Now the story of Saddam Hussein is repeating itself. He gave us rocket attacks in the midst of the Great Aliyah of the 90s in order to reverse Jews. To some extent, he succeeded.

It is worth noting that these terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks were carried out by Palestinians belonging to different political parties. Among them are Hamas supporters who celebrated the attack with the whole village, Islamic Jihad members, one turned out to be from the Fatah party, that is, a supporter of Abu Mazen, and two additional came from the Arab city of Umm al-Fahm, within Israel. ISIS took responsibility for some terror acts. They have one thing in common: they are enemies of Israel and the Jews, and they hate Jewish refugees.