Сталин, Гитлер, Путин

The problem is not what Bandera did 80 years ago. The problem is what Russia is doing today.

Russia has 10 times more combat aircraft than Ukraine. Even the transfer of these miserable MIGs to Ukraine (which were never transferred) will not change the balance of power.

We are facing the blatant aggression of the world’s most powerful (militarily) nuclear state against a neighboring state, whose military potential is 5 times smaller. It is not a military conflict between two states of equal strength. 

Why are the Russians destroying Ukraine? Firstly, for the fact that Ukraine has a democratic system and, for the most part, peace-loving people. For the fact that Ukraine transferred 100 nuclear warheads to Russia, relying on «security guarantees.» And for giving up Crimea without firing a shot.

The Russian attack from the Donbas on the Dnipro was then (2014) stopped by volunteers. Now the Russians are continuing the same attack on a new level.

Remember, Russian aggression threatens the whole world. Putin brazenly violated the UN Charter, and he was not even kicked out of the Security Council. The West invites Russia’s aggression on its own head, encourages Russia to unleash a third world war.

This war will not bypass Israel. Hezbollah and Assad are already sending their people to Russia to the Ukrainian front to gain combat experience and modern weapons. Most likely, Russia will disrupt the deal prepared by the West with Iran and provoke a big war in the Middle East.

Encouraging the aggressor, refusing to help the victim of aggression, we all invite Putin to new aggression. This is the new Munich. Europeans are sincerely outraged by the impudent, bloody aggression of the Russian fascists, but they are afraid to answer it for real, to not get involved in a war with Russia.

Putin’s threats to strike with a nuke are taken seriously by everyone. But after all, the lack of resistance will just invite a Russian nuclear attack. Only successful Ukrainian resistance can stop further aggression. In Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. It seems that Russia and China have already divided the world into spheres of influence.

Suppressed anger against Russia is poured out on those Russians who cannot threaten with a nuclear bomb, that is, emigrants. But be careful: when Putin does destroy Ukraine, he will attack Europe under the pretext of protecting Russians living in Europe. To prevent this from happening, the Europeans must muster up the courage to help Ukraine win.