The case of Shirin is similar to the case of Muhammad al-Dura. Then the ballistic examination was not carried out, and Israel pleaded guilty. In vain. When Carsenti conducted an examination, it turned out that the teenager was killed by the Palestinians.

And now the Palestinians stubbornly refuse to allow the representatives of Israel to the examination. At the same time, shouts were raised to the whole world about the «crime» of the Israeli fighters against terror.

As a matter of fact, our enemies have always defeated us with the help of lies that fall on the fertile ground of anti-Semitism. As we can see, the left-liberal anti-Semites again experienced a powerful orgasm.

The logic of launching a new war to destroy Israel suggests that this was a planned provocation. So far, the Palestinians have staged provocations on the Temple Mount to stir up Islamic anti-Semitism. But they also needed an excuse to mobilize US liberal anti-Semites, especially in the run-up to Biden’s visit.

Shirin is a very suitable target as a «victim of the Israeli occupiers», even better than Muhammad Dura: she is a Palestinian, a woman, a journalist, and a US citizen. Everything is perfect for unwinding an anti-Israeli pandemonium in the United States and Europe.

In Congress, the squad at full gallop will demand the removal of our soldiers from Palestine. Biden will be pressured to give us an ultimatum: get out of the West Bank without any deal, or be destroyed.


Yes, it’s still a conspiracy theory. Let’s see if the Palestinians dare to deny the US a real investigation into the murder of a US citizen. There have been many cases where the investigation led to the exposure of blood libels and provocations by the Palestinians. For example, the «massacre in Jenin» staged by Arafat or the murder of Muhammad Dura. We are used to it.