The Israel’s Independence war was forced by British and French colony ministers, seeking to retain their colonial empires. The Palestinian Naqba was staged by Palestinian leader, war criminal Amin al Husseini, with the purpose to force Pan-Arab antisemitic turmoil, and to involve Arab governments in the war against the Jewish state. About 80% of Palestinian refugees gone voluntarily, following Amin’s appeal. Simultaneously, 800.000 Jews were forced to flee Arab countries, under pressure of pogroms and government persecutions. That was Arab Jewry’s Naqba. They fled mostly to Israel, after Holocaust survivers performed their exodus from Europe.

The same Amin al Husseini participated Holocaust under Hitler’s tutelage, and some people accuse him of inspiring the Holocaust of Europe Jewry.

Since then, Israel suffered 10 wars for survival. The last of wars for survival of Israel is the Gaza war initiated by HAMAS. They try to flood Israel by brainwashed descendants of Palestinian Naqba refugees.