The anti-Semitic world is trying to destroy the Jewish state. This war began with the delegitimization of Israel, the accusation of the Jewish state of aggression and apartheid. Such is the anti-Semitic psychological war. The delegitimization should justify the ongoing attempts to destroy Israel by the «slow» depletion war, which Palestine is waging using worldwide support.

Instead of previous unsuccessful attempts of quick genocide of Jews due to big “hot” wars at the foreign hands, the Palestinians are trying to “squeeze” us out gradually, due to continuous massive rocket fire, while the UN deprives us of the legal right to self-defense. This is the tactic of UN-Hamas.

The Palestinians are trying to subjugate Israel by overturning the demographical balance between Jews and Arabs, due to HAMAS’-UN intimidation of the Jews, as well as economic sanctions by world powers (it’s Fatah tactics). Fatah has rejected the idea of ​​two states for two peoples, and demands that Israel be transferred under the domination of Palestinian authority, under the pretext of «the elimination of apartheid.»

However, at any moment, if Palestine gets enough weapons and the opportunity to bombard Israel with impunity, Fatah can move on to Hamas tactics.

To stop the joint Palestinian and anti-Semitic war of annihilation, and to open door to peace, Trump proposed his Peace plan. To reduce the scope of Palestinian attacks from the West Bank, Trump proposes to separate aggressive Palestine state from the East, which is to retain Israeli control over the Jordan Valley at least for many decades.

It is no coincidence, that both peace initiatives, of Obama and of Trump, envisaged retaining Jordan Valley under Israeli control. 


From the point of view of international law, Israel has the legal right to annex the Jordan Valley. On what basis?

UN Security Council Resolution 242, adopted shortly after the Six-Day War, proclaimed Israel’s right to “safe and recognized borders.” Then, and even more so today, it is obvious that the «Safe border of Israel» can only be the border along the Jordan River. Why?

For many decades, the border on the Jordan river was a military front, a place where the armies of the Arab states hostile to us concentrated their troops, conducted shelling, and terrorist attacks. Fortifications on this front exist to this day.

Therefore, in pursuance of Security Council resolution No. 242, the state of Israel de facto included the Jordan Valley in the system of military settlements, in accordance with the so-called Alon Plan (1969). It is no coincidence that both peace initiatives, of Obama and Trump, envisaged maintaining Israeli control over the Jordan Valley.

And finally, the Jordan Valley is part of the so-called “zone C”, which under the Oslo treaty will remain under Israeli control until the signing of the “final” peace treaty. The fact that the Palestinians withdrew from the Oslo Treaty does not change the essence of the matter.

According to international laws, the border between states is recognized as legal if both parties once agreed mutually and signed a delineation agreement. If there were more than one agreement, then the line established as a result of the last agreement is considered legal.

In our “case” with Palestine, the last demarcation agreement is the Wye Plantation Agreement, which was signed by Benjamin Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat in 1998. Israel did not break the treaty. The Palestinians tore it up, but from the point of view of international law, the border established then remained legal. That is, the demarcation line established by the Wye Plantation Treaty is the only legitimate demarcation line between Israel and Palestine. This is what the law says.

This line includes all the Jewish settlements of Judea and Samaria that exist today and the entire Jordan Valley. Apropos, it means that all existing Jewish «settlements» of the West Bank are legal (this fact reasonably recognized Trump), and that the «Defense Wall» is legal, too.


Despite all mentioned above, the International Court of Justice at The Hague made a “consultative” decision that overturned the Wye Plantation line of demarcation. This decision essentially repealed the UN Charter and generally accepted international laws. The International Court of Justice has passed a special law for Israel, for which it does not have authority. As you know, the United States refused to trust the International Court of Justice in The Hague. I believe the state of Israel should do the same:

“The Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer notes that the consideration of cases in this court requires the mutual consent of the parties. And since Israel did not give such consent, this trial is generally outside the jurisdiction of this arbitration court. Krauthammer argues that the fact that this case is not subject to international jurisdiction is recognized not only by the United States but also by the European Union and Russia. [17] ”

The sanctions of the European Union imposed on Israel are based precisely on this obviously unlawful “advisory” decision of the International Court of Justice. These sanctions are illegal and are an act of unprovoked aggression against the Jewish state. It is regrettable to admit that with respect to the Middle East and the Jewish State, United Europe has returned to the path of its predecessors, the Third Reich, and the colonial powers.


It would seem that after the signing of the Oslo agreements and the peace treaty with Jordan, the front on the Jordan River became unnecessary. But actually, it is not. Why?

I will not particularly emphasize that the peace with Jordan turned out to be very cold. Most of the country’s population, Muslims, including Palestinians, are still hostile to the Jewish state. The Islamic party Hamas, or rather its Jordanian branch, is very influential.

During the Arab Spring, the throne of King Abdullah staggered. If there was democracy in Jordan, then most likely the Islamists would come to power. In this case, the peace treaty will turn into a scrap of paper, and Israel should always be ready for such an event.


And yet this is not the main thing. Over the quarter-century that has passed since the Oslo Accords, it has become apparent that the real state of Palestine, created in accordance with the Oslo Accords and with the consent of Israel, poses a mortal threat to us.

The Palestinians refused to abide by the Oslo Accords and unleashed a war of annihilation against us, which the international community is encouraging and financing. Without external support and, most importantly, financing, the Palestinian state would not have lasted a day. In fact, the entire anti-Semitic world is waging Palestinian warfare for the destruction of the Jewish state. So the Palestinian leaders turned themselves the contractors of anti-Semites and their people — cannon fodder.

It is enough to look at Gaza to understand that the withdrawal of the IDF from the West Bank threatens us with systematic massive shelling of the entire territory of Israel. The international community has done nothing to put an end to shelling from Gaza. There is no reason to believe that in the event of shelling from the West Bank, this community will behave differently.

Instead of establishing control over their violent offspring, the state of Palestine, the UN, Europe, and many states of the world demand that we withdraw troops from the West Bank and end the «blockade» of Gaza. That is, we should stop holding back those who openly threaten to kill us, destroy us, shell us, arm themselves and train, preparing war to destroy Israel.

These demands of the international community are contrary to international law, which provides for the right of states to self-defense, including the occupation of enemy territory and the blockade if this helps restrain the aggressor. Hamas and all our enemies are building their plan to destroy Israel precisely on the behavior of the international community towards the Jewish state.

The unpunished massive, ongoing shelling of the entire territory of Israel will lead to the mass exodus of Jews and a change in the demographic balance between Israel and Palestine. After that, our powerful enemies will declare Israel «apartheid», apply economic and other sanctions, and eliminate us as an independent state. For this, even a «hot» war will not be needed.

So the anti-Semites are going to destroy the Jewish state, and their calculation is quite realistic. We must disrupt this plan and protect ourselves from aggression from the West Bank, at all costs. For the sake of this, you can even go to a conflict with the UN, Europe, and the US President, if he supports Palestinian aggression.


In Gaza, Ehud Olmert made a mistake by transferring control of the Gaza-Egypt border into Palestinian hands. That is why the “blockade” of Gaza has been ineffective. And most importantly, Sharon and Olmert did not at all foresee the possibility of “sheltering” Palestinian terrorists by the rulers of the World Village and the UN. Today we are paying for these mistakes.

A repeated mistake with the border on the Jordan River will cost us our lives. Therefore, no matter what they say in Europe, no matter how they threaten us with the sanctions and other punishments, the Israeli government must do what is absolutely necessary to save the Jewish state: to maintain control over the Jordan Valley for many decades. After the next Holocaust, it will be too late to appeal to the conscience and philanthropy of Europeans or someone else.


In order to deter the enemy, we must occupy the West Bank until the Palestinian people are ready for peace. But you can’t count on peace in the coming decades. What peace can there be if Palestine tells its children that Israel must be destroyed? What can be the peace if the Palestinian people live on the money given them for fighting against the Jewish state?

Instead of judging war criminals from Hamas, the International Court of Justice is investigating our self-defense measures against Hamas, and in the process “interprets” international laws directly back to their original and literal meaning. Especially for us, new rules have been invented.

Our deputy prime minister, Beni Ganz, may fall prey to these «special laws.» He will have to prepare well for the trial in The Hague, and first of all to study the Geneva Convention in the original, as well as the rules that were invented specifically for Israel.


As for European threats and sanctions, towards Europe we must behave like a smart man with a grumpy wife: listen carefully to do the opposite. What the Europeans are imposing on us is always dangerous for us and for the future peace with the Palestinians. When we fulfill the demands of Europe, this leads to a new round of war for the destruction of Israel. The same goes for the UN. But still…

We are not indifferent to the opinion of the people of America. Today, Trump, perhaps, recognizes the annexation of the Jordan Valley by Israel. Congress, where the majority are democrats, may not recognize. Most importantly, Joe Biden, Obama’s former vice president, and probable future president, can oppose this move, which should pave the way for the implementation of Trump’s peace plan. Biden had already disagreed with the intended annexation. Therefore, we should not drag out the matter on which our life depends.


Let’s remember why the attempt of Barack Obama and his envoy John Kerry to reach an agreement between Israel and Palestine failed. Yes, in 2015, the deal failed precisely because the Palestinians did not agree to leave the Jordan Valley in the hands of Israel. They also did not agree that Palestine should become a peace-loving state that would not acquire missiles and other heavy weapons.

Trump and Netanyahu want to remove this stumbling block from the negotiating table. Thanks to the annexation of the Jordan Valley, our security will remain in our hands. Then, Trump or the president who will succeed him will be able to bring the parties together on other contentious issues and reach an agreement that will open the way to peace. In other words, today’s annexation will open the way to peace and security in the future, regardless of who will be the president of the United States.


In any case, since we are joining some territory, all the inhabitants of this territory become “ours,” that is, they receive Israeli citizenship. I think they will not refuse.

Recall that when Lieberman offered to give Umm al-Fahm to Palestine, its residents staged mass demonstrations against this proposal. They can be understood: they are afraid that if Israel is destroyed, as they are promised, they will be accused of betraying Islam and the Arabs (in fact, they have long been accused). The punishment will be the hardest. And on the other hand, they do not want to be victims of the war against Israel.

Therefore, in words, they are for Palestine but do not want to live in Palestine. Israel is good enough for Palestinians. I think that if a referendum is held in Palestine today, the majority will vote to join Israel.

The question is whether we need millions of fellow citizens who want to turn Israel into a non-Jewish state. We better recognize Palestinian independence and remain a Jewish state. If the Palestinians want to work in Israel (and they want, because not everyone got the sinecures in the apparatus of Mahmoud Abbas or Hamas) — please, we can pay a good salary.


In general, our war with the Palestinians continues because our powerful enemies pay the Palestinians for fighting against Israel. It is with their support and for their money that Hamas shells us and forces us to block Gaza. Hamas does not want the people of Gaza to work in Israel. They need a population that is dying of hunger and submits to Hamas. This is their policy.

Their goal is at all costs to continue the war for the destruction of Israel. «Someone» promised the Palestinians to help in the destruction of Israel, and these are not only Islamists but also globalists, the «elites» of Europe, and part of the «elites» of the United States. And Iran, Turkish Islamists, anti-Semites in Russia, the «left», in short, all the anti-Semites of the planet, and this is a powerful force.

In exchange for war, the Palestinians demand money for maintenance and receive it. Palestinians are anti-Semitic contractors. “Help” to Palestine is the cause of the ongoing conflict. For peace, the Palestinian people must receive money not for war, but for work.


And now the conclusions:

We cannot accept millions of Palestinians into Israel, otherwise, we will become a minority in a non-Jewish state and ultimately they will kill or drive us out. And we cannot allow the Palestinians to do whatever they want in their independent Palestine, otherwise, they will kill us too.

The annexation of the Jordan Valley and the temporary occupation of Palestine, along with the recognition of Palestinian independence, is a compromise that will connect the unconnected: Israeli security with a militant Palestinian state separate from Israel. Paradoxically, independent Palestine will turn possible only after Israel will annex the Jordan valley.

If the Palestinian people prove over time that they want peace with the Jews, then opportunities to resolve disputed issues peacefully, based on mutual concessions, will turn real. For example, the state of Palestine will grant its citizenship to Jews living in the West Bank. Then Jewish cities and villages (the so-called «settlements») will become part of Palestine. In an exchange of territories, Israel will be able to increase the territory of Gaza, while residents of Jewish settlements near the border of Gaza will become Palestinian citizens.

All this will become possible if peace and security are ensured for both sides. In the more distant future, if the peace holds the test of time and the anti-Semites cease to incite war by “helping” Palestine, then we can start to talk about the Israstin project put forward by the late Gaddafi. I guess he was murdered for this project.


I am sure Netanyahu and his assistants thought through all the options and came to the only reasonable conclusion. Netanyahu agreed on his position with Trump and Ganz, and therefore his plan is real. The annexation of the Jordan Valley is what we can do today on the way to security and peace.

……………… ..

In order to thwart this plan, “someone” launched a trial against Netanyahu, and involved puppets: Lapid, Liberman, and Ayman Oudeh. For a year we lived in an unstable state, but thank God, Ganz proved that he was not a puppet in the wrong hands, and joined Netanyahu.

Three-time elections in one year were not on the Netanyahu issue, but rather on the Trump peace plan. Two-thirds of the Jewish population voted for this plan.

Parties opposing the Trump program did not dare to publicize their true intentions. They deceived their constituents by focusing attention on a civil war between secular Jews and the religious part of the Jewish people. It turned out that the watershed in the people of Israel does not pass between the right and left, but between the Zionists and the «post-Zionist» puppets who have teamed up with outspoken opponents of the Jewish State.