Who and why overthrows Bibi

In short, the «moderate» leaders of the Arab world, together with the «left» billionaires of the USA and Europe, are trying to throw Netanyahu and replace him with a more «convenient» politician, Lapid, who is hiding behind the mighty figure of Gantz. Our problem is that the “convenient” Jewish leaders will surrender us, agreeing to such conditions of the “peace” from which we will perish. The case of Oslo and Disengagement will repeat itself, now in the form of a final catastrophe.

When opponents of Netanyahu (or of Likud) want to rely on anti-Semitic trolls just in order to come to power, this causes the indignation of the people. Not because we are against the Arabs, but because it will be an alliance of the Jewish agents of our globalist opponents in the USA and Europe with the Arab agents of our still enemies, with whom Trump and Netanyahu are trying to negotiate peace and cooperation. Alliance against the Jewish majority in Israel.

If the Israeli minorities want to participate in the life of the state, they must agree with the Jewish majority, and not with the treacherous minority. I believe that Netanyahu is allowed to join Arab politicians to the coalition, but the left doesn’t!


If we change the head of government, then for better, and not for worse. Lapigantz do not just have the necessary experience. Gantz failed to fulfill his duties as chief of staff.

Our army is not prepared for battles with well-armed and well-trained terrorists. Our infantry does not have equivalent weapons to win the battles with terrorists and is not prepared for battles in the city and on very rough terrain. In such circumstances, tanks and planes do not give an advantage. In addition, the UN banned us from using heavy weapons in overpopulated Gaza. These facts appeared in 2006 in Lebanon and in 2014 in Gaza.

The responsibility for our unpreparedness lies personally with Ganz, who during the second Lebanon war (2006) was the commander of the ground forces, and during the operation in Gaza (2014) was the chief of the general staff. I’m not sure that we have already overcome this gap.

In addition, Ganz will stand trial in The Hague, and his place will be taken by Lapid with his program of a new «Disengagement». This program exactly fits the requirements of Bernie Sanders. This is what Lapid offers us instead of Trump’s plan – namely national suicide.

After a new «Disengagement» from the West Bank, the Palestinians will fire at us with missiles throughout whole Israel. There will be no turning back, the people will rush to flee the country and the Jewish state will come to an end. That is why Ayman Odeh, head of the United Arab List, agrees to support the government of Gantz — Lapid — Lieberman.


Lieberman’s real problem is not the «ultra-orthodox», but the fact that he wants to disrupt Trump’s peace plan. In this, he coincided with the demands of Arab politicians inside Israel.

The fight against the «ultra-orthodox» is cheese in a mousetrap, which Liberman prepared to naive «Russians». Now we are already in a mousetrap and cannot fix anything. Lieberman will not allow the fourth election, because he has already revealed his cards. In the fourth election, he may not enter the Knesset. Now you can expect from him any adventure.


The trial of Netanyahu is the police and political fraud of people who are themselves implicated in much more serious violations than those attributed to Netanyahu.

Two of the three cases related to Bibi’s attempts to counter media attacks on him and his family. I believe that the Netanyahu spouses should file a counterclaim against the State of Israel because the police and the court did not protect them from media harassment for a quarter-century.

As for the rich Milchan’s cigarettes, this billionaire thought he bought Bibi for cigarettes. It turned out that Bibi did not sell out, he confronted Obama and made friends with Trump. Now Milchen and American anti-Zionist Jews took revenge on Bibi using their puppet Lapid, who will be the “state witness” in the Milchen cigarette case.

It is known, that Milchan “supported” Lapid with significant sums (a book has been written on this topic), so he himself may turn subject of a trial. Our problem is that Lapid and Lieberman are puppets of those same Israel’s ill-wishers who overthrew Bibi and tried to overthrow Trump.


And finally (03/26/2020) Ganz took a logical step: in the name of national unity during the terrible crisis, thank God, he separated himself from the irresponsible puppets Lapid and Liberman and made a compromise with Netanyahu. So, he proved that for him, indeed, «Israel is above all.»

These squabbles during the catastrophe called Corona finally revealed who is who. What about the behavior of Lapid during the current terrible epidemic? Not only he blocked the creation of a government of national unity at a critical moment. He also accused Netanyahu of fomenting hysteria over an allegedly fictitious epidemic.

Lapid opposed the vital measures to save the people from a pandemic. This is the height of irresponsibility. Lapid should have no place in any government, right or left. Let him sit in the opposition and not prevent the government from fulfilling its functions. The same applies to Lieberman, who, together with Lapid, initiated a crisis with three election campaigns during the year.

In fact, it’s not so important for the people who will be the head of the government, Ganz or Netanyahu (or another representative of the Likud, if Netanyahu finally decides to resign). We need a government that enjoys the support of the majority, which will lead us out of the crisis. It is important that in this government there will be no puppets or agents of forces hostile to us.

In the end, we can subsequently hold another election and decide who will be the head of government. And most importantly, the Jewish state should remain Jewish, with all due respect to national minorities, Arabs and Russians.


I believe that the political conflict within Israel is a local manifestation of the global conflict between globalists and nationalists. World organizations and corporations like the United Nations, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, OPEC, some other international corporations, the organization of the Islamic Conference, the sponsors of the World Caliphate, the world swindler Soros, and all who are called globalists, are trying not only to subjugate national governments. They obviously act to eliminate nations as such, together with the nation-states and their democracy, as is already happening in Europe. The situation that Orwell had foreseen turned out to be a pale of the current development in the World Village.

Globalists have chosen Israel as an indicative model of how to do this. They really want to trample the Jewish nationalism, called Zionism, so that all other nationalists would be frightened and not resist. Being initially the ideology of Lenin and the CPSU, anti-Zionism was «stolen» from the old masters and purposefully turned into a bugbear of globalists, bloodthirsty Islamists, left and colored racists. This is by no means a spontaneous process; it is clearly controlled from behind the curtains.

In terms of PR, Netanyahu represents Zionism throughout the World Village. Therefore, in recent years, not the State of Israel only, but also Netanyahu personally has become the target of fierce attacks by globalist politicians and media. In the Jewish state itself, not everyone is in solidarity with Zionism. The divide in Israel does not pass between the right and left, but between the Zionists and globalist collaborators.

Let’s note that the leftist Amir Peretz is going to join the government of national unity, while the rightwing Lieberman has been trying to overthrow Netanyahu at least for the last two years. Why? Most likely because Lieberman is dependent on the globalists who sponsored him. Lapid has the same reason.

But why did the Israeli police and judges join the anti-Zionists? I suppose because they are corrupt. Corrupt officials need a dictatorship to continue to receive money and break laws. They want to put in power a weak minority government and continue to fish in troubled waters.

We, the working people and just the citizens of Israel, turned the victims of deception. Just the corrupt officials and fraudsters who rob and exploit us, are trying to overthrow Netanyahu, accusing him of corruption.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Non-religious ideologies like Nazi, Bolshevik, and Globalist, caused yet more wars, genocide, and sufferings. This time, I agree with Marx: ideology is just a mask hiding actual purposes of the «revolutionaries». One of these revolutionaries was Marx himself. He was unsuccessful, impractical revolutionary. Like Macchiavelli that was an unsuccessful politician, and therefore he teaches us politics.

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