It would seem that the way out of the political crisis in Israel is simple: let Lieberman, being in a favorable position and bargaining about the conditions (for example, insisting on the law on the military service of ultra-religious), join the Netanyahu coalition.

The reasons (or excuses) for which Lieberman did not want to join the Netanyahu government have already disappeared.

Let us recall how Lieberman explained his betrayal of the right. First, he did not want a “state of Halacha», and secondly, he wanted a government of national unity. And what do we have today?

Well, Netanyahu has offered to Ganz a government of national unity, but Ganz refused. Why? Just because Ganz is not an independent leader, nor politician. He came under the control of Yair Lapid, who shamelessly “digs” under Ganz, collects dirt on him to push the opponent off as the leader of the Blue and White party. Those who considered they were voting «for Ganz» have already discovered that they received Lapid instead of Ganz.

But why, actually, is Lapid bad? Firstly, by the fact that he cannot build, only destroy. Lapid is past master to divide people and to destruct rivals. For many years Lapid was digging under Netanyahu, even while in coalition with him. Now he digs under Ganz and does not let him into the government of national unity.

To be the head of government, you must first be able to unite and cooperate, which Lapid is not capable of. He built his political career wholly on mutual enmity between secular and religious. He successfully split the people of Israel, and received for this 11 mandates, with which he had no chance to head the government. He needed a “wedding general” Ganz to hide himself from the voters behind his more popular partner. In addition, an inexperienced Ganz is convenient to be controlled, and then he is easy to get rid of him.

So, we sorted out the government of national unity as main pretext, this argument of Lieberman turned out to be a fiction. And what about the «religious dominance»?

Ganz, or rather Lapid, wants to create a coalition of the left with the Arab and religious parties, «like Rabin.» There is no reason to rely on the fact that Lapid is against religious. Firstly, in this case too, Lapid will hide behind Ganz, saying that this is “his initiative”, not mine. Secondly, Lapid has already established contacts with religious people in the past, and now he will be able to take advantage of this.

So, instead of the «state of Halacha» led by Netanyahu, we have a good chance to get the «state of Halacha» led by (nominally) Ganz, but in fact by Lapid. So this second excuse of Lieberman was a fiction. Let’s think what is actually behind his desire to move to the left camp, which does not accept him.

Maybe Lieberman disgusts that Netanyahu faces trial? Well yes! He himself hardly evaded court. Not to mention his associates, who either served a term for well-proven violations of the law, or are now on trial. So this reason is not good.

Maybe, there is one more reason? For example, Netanyahu is considered an ally of Trump, while Lapid has close ties with democrats? Ganz insists to keep balanced position, but the question is, how to hold «balance» between american parties waging civil war?

We voters are not policemen or corrupt judges. In the third election, Lieberman may get eliminated … I am for holding the third election. The pre-election lies that politicians, and especially Lieberman, have pour out on us, have already been exposed by them. Now voters understand better who is who.

As for the alleged economic losses from the elections, I do not believe in this. For that extra weekend that we get, retail chains make crazy profits, and part of these profits go to the state treasury. Is it a good joke, a day off when everything works. This is not Shabbat or holidays.

Soon, the legal adviser will be forced to end his job and decide on Netanyahu’s “folders”. The uncertainty in this matter will end. Voters should not guess what the chief lawyer will decide; cards must be revealed to the people. If the police had convincingly proved that Netanyahu is guilty, Mandelblit would have decided long ago to put him on trial.

Since a legal adviser is taking time, there is no convincing evidence. Someone (Lapid, Liberman, but rather their puppeteers) wanted the elections to be held under the Damocles’ sword of unclear accusations and suspicions. So let’s clarify and then hold the election.