The Israeli government announced that the situation on Israel’s COVID front had deteriorated sharply. To check how things are going, I looked at the changes that have taken place in the three and a half months since the release of the spring quarantine.

The number of deaths from the COVID  in Israel (as a percentage of the population) is still less than in Italy, Sweden, and the United States. At the same time, we have three times more deaths than Greece and Palestine.

The situation looks much worse when we analyze the trends. Over the period under review, the number of fatalities in Israel increased by 132%, in the United States by 85%, in Sweden by 57%, in Greece by 33%, and in Italy by 11%. I did not find data on Palestine for April.

It turns out that the most dangerous trend is in Israel. If it continues, then we will be among the countries most affected by the COVID.

Let’s try to understand the reasons for this worsening of the situation.

The first thing that catches your eye is the “security record-holders” Greece and Palestine. In each of these countries, only 0.002% of the inhabitants died. What is common between these countries that could lead to such a result?

Greece receives huge “social assistance” from the European Union. Palestine generally lives due to social assistance from outside. Greeks and Palestinians can sit comfortably at home, work little, and not care too much about income.

In addition, the Palestinians are predominantly Muslim. The isolation within the family isolates them from widespread communication outside the home. In terms of the COVID, this turned out to be an advantage. Probably, Israeli checkpoints contribute to isolation.

In the other countries examined, the opposite is true: “those who do not work do not eat”. Before COVID, the highest employment was in Israel.

We are also well aware of the restlessness of the Jews. Sitting locked up, that for women, that for men and children, is like death. The general haste, the pursuit of money and pleasure, deprives us of quiet.

It is enough to look at Israeli car drivers: most of them exceed the permitted speed, many make dangerous pirouettes. Car drivers risk their lives to be ahead of others. Only when an accident happens does everyone suddenly slow down. They begin to realize that they are playing roulette with death. However, this understanding does not last long.

So it is with the COVID. The people do not believe that this is serious. Well, someone somewhere will die, but not me!


With such frivolous people, we need a strong government, but it just doesn’t exist. For almost two years, someone behind the scenes has been pulling the strings of puppet politicians and rocking our common boat. They were on fire to throw off Netanyahu, who in the past ensured the stability of the government and the state.

The Likud backed its leader and the revolutionaries failed to overthrow the government with the help of the police and prosecutors. Three-time elections have shown that half of the people do not believe police and judicial officials.

Then, to enhance the effect, our revolutionaries unleashed a civil war between the secular and religious populations. But this potent opium for the people was not enough to overthrow the Netanyahu government.

The united front of revolutionaries split Benny Gantz, who was supposed to provide them with the support of the army. Police and court alone are not enough to seize and retain power. And so Lapid (our Israeli Trotsky, known as his prototype for his outstanding hair), announced the beginning of the permanent Orange Revolution in Israel.

I tried to understand what, in fact, the revolutionaries are trying to achieve. Several times I stopped at intersections, read their slogans and posters. And did not find any specific requirements other than “We’re tired of Netanyahu.” Correspondents who tried to interview those who were fed up also found nothing to justify the revolution.

But in fact, society has specific requirements for the government. For example, art workers held a demonstration and achieved the lifting of the ban on some cultural events.

If I organized a demonstration, I would have demanded to deal with our corrupt judges and lawyers, with their bribes and anti-social verdicts. Judges and lawyers tell us every day that “there is no justice in the Israeli court.” In other words, give a bribe and get what you want.

Rightist Ayelet Shaked, when she was the Minister of Justice, tried to replace judges with leftist views on judges with rightwing views. In fact, from the point of view of the “hegemon”, that is, you and Me, it does not matter at all what the political views of the judges are. It is important that they do not take bribes and be guided by law and justice, which in fact does not exist.

But our revolutionaries loudly declare that they support the judicial system, which actively helps to rob us all. Gantz secured a coalition agreement to remove from the agenda the demand for judicial and police reform.

This is why the corrupt officials disguised themselves as revolutionaries and united against Netanyahu so that their favorite nipple would not be taken away from them. Income in their pocket is more important than the common good or social justice.

The only politician to proclaim social slogans, the leftist Amir Peretz, backed Netanyahu.

Hence it is clear why our anti-social revolutionaries are shaking the government at the most critical moment when the people need a strong government.

We are talking about an anti-popular, anti-social revolution of corrupt officials and politicians, for whom their chair and bribe are more important than the existence of the Jewish state, more important than saving the people from the COVID and crisis. All thieves are, by definition, inhuman.


Generally, Globalist interest is to «dissolve» nations and nation-states. For the Jewish State, Globalists of Jewish origin seek to «dissolve» Israel from within, with the help of Jewish collaborators and of Palestinians.

The «side effect» of their efforts is the rise of Palestinian nationalism and of the Palestinian Nation-State. An additional side effect may occur, too. Soros will be able to accomplish his father’s goal: the genocide of Israeli Jews.