Palestine is stronger than Israel, due to steady support from almighty anti-Semites. Palestinians break all rules, for example, Oslo accords, conduct rocket attacks and terror for many years, and go unpunished. Moreover, they receive billions for their anti-Semitic aggression.

Well, it’s the «realpolitik», or «real policy». Muhammad pursued such a «real policy», just 1400 ago. And yes, Hitler was a realist, too. He realized that he could not win over the conquered peoples and subjugate the whole world on the basis of the idea of ​​German chauvinism. He chose anti-Semitism and the Holocaust as an idea uniting the whole world. Modern aspirants to world domination do the same trick using Palestine Cause and the idea of ​​destroying the Jewish state. The left abandoned Marx and goes along Hitler’s path.

World peace is based on rules and laws. Without democracy and the rule of law, leaders go crazy and start a war. Law and justice are needed to convince people that their leaders conduct proper policies. 

Our endless conflict with the Palestinians does not stop because anti-Semites all over the world do not recognize the equal rights for the Jews, do not recognize the right of the Jewish state to exist, violate rules and law, inciting the Palestinian people to destroy Israel. Therefore, the Palestinians can afford to break any rules and continue the war, rejecting all peace offers. First, the rule of law must be restored throughout the world, only after that peace will be established in the Middle East.