The need of the shelter  for the Jewish people was obvious for at least 2.000 years. But let alone old stories, numerous expulsions, legal discrimination, blood and plague libels, habitual murder and robbery of the Jews. Let’s focus on the last 150 years of the Jewish history.

Russian antisemitism culminated in the government-inspired pogroms, prohibition of the professions and the “Pale of Settlement”, which were the prototype of South African apartheid. Russian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian etc anti-Semitic policies pushed Jewish youth to the revolutionary underground.

We learn from Bolshevik story, that Lenin was forced to prevent merging of Russian social-democrats into one bigger party, otherwise most of the members and leaders of such a party would appear the Jews…  Lenin allowed to Bolshevik faction only those former Jews, who denied their Jewish roots and changed their names to Russian/neutral. The examples: Trotsky (Bronstein), Kamenev (Rozenfeld), Zinoviev (Gershon Radomyslski), Henrik Yagoda (Henoch Yehuda) etc. etc. Anti-Zionism was mandatory for Bolsheviks, especially for those of Jewish origin.

A non-revolutionary alternative for the Jews was the emigration overseas, largely to the USA.  Herzl with his idea of the Jewish State tried Zionism as a “third escape route”, but without significant success.

In the light of Russian pogroms, Turkish Empire, which reigned over Palestine for 400 years, consciously prohibited Jews from taking shelter in their God’s Promised Land.

Instead of God, British government promised such a shelter (“Home”) for the Jews in its Balfour letter (1917). Probably it was an attempt to prevent internationalization of the Holy Land, discussed before and in the course of WWI.

But yet before Balfour declaration was proclaimed, in the Middle East arose another, less known anti-Semitic power, then-joined Islamism and Arab nationalism.  While Arab nationalists were ready to give up the Holy Land in exchange for independent Arab Great Syria kingdom (1919 Faisal-Weizmann agreement), Islamists were not. Notably, after 1920.03.07 proclamation of the Arab Kingdom of Syria (which included “Southern Syria”, namely Palestine), the “Southern Syria” Islamist leaders inspired massive anti-Jewish riots:

By 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, 4 April 1920, 60,000–70,000 Arabs had congregated in the city square for the Nebi Musa festival (annual local Islamic festival), and groups had been attacking Jews in the Old City’s alleys for over an hour. Inflammatory anti-Zionist rhetoric was delivered by Amin al-Husayni from the balcony of the Arab Club. Another inciter was Musa al-Husayni, his uncle, the mayor, who spoke from the municipal building’s balcony.


The crowd reportedly shouted «Independence! Independence!» and «Palestine is our land, the Jews are our dogs!»[1] Arab police joined in applause, and violence started.[14] The local Arab population ransacked the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.


Khalil al-Sakakini witnessed the eruption of violence in the Old City:

«[A] riot broke out, the people began to run about and stones were thrown at the Jews. The shops were closed and there were screams. … I saw a Zionist soldier covered in dust and blood. … The riot reached its zenith. All shouted, «Muhammad‘s religion was born with the sword».  

But what did British occupying authority?

On 1 March 1920, the death of Joseph Trumpeldor in the Battle of Tel Hai at the hands of a Shiite group from Southern Lebanon, caused deep concern among Jewish leaders, who made numerous requests to the OETA administration to address the Yishuv‘s security and forbid a pro-Syrian public rally. However, their fears were largely discounted by the Chief Administrative Officer General Louis Bols, Military Governor Ronald Storrs and General Edmund Allenby, despite a warning from the head of the Zionist Commission Chaim Weizmann that a «pogrom is in the air», supported by assessments available to Storrs.[1] Communiqués had been issued about foreseeable troubles among Arabs, and between Arabs and Jews. To Weizmann and the Jewish leadership, these developments were reminiscent of instructions that Russian generals had issued on the eve of pogroms.[7] 


Sir Herbert Samuel
(a Jew), recently appointed British High Commissioner, declared a general amnesty for those convicted of complicity in the riots of 1920, excluding only Amin and Al Aref. During a visit later that year to the Bedouin tribes of Transjordan who harbored the two political refugees, Samuel offered a pardon to both …. Husseini initially rebuffed the offer, on the grounds that he was not a criminal. He accepted the pardon only in the wake of the death of his half-brother, the mufti Kamil al-Husayni, in March 1921… and Samuel then chose him as Mufti.[48] His initial appointment was as Mufti, but when the Supreme Muslim Council was created in the following year, Husseini demanded and received the title Grand Mufti… The position came with a life tenure.[53]

Let’s analyze these events and the situation in which they occurred. The Arabs of the Middle East were outraged by the occupation and division of their lands by the colonial powers, Great Britain and France. In March 1920, Arab nationalists proclaimed in Damascus an independent Kingdom of Great Syria led by Faisal.

At stake was the domination of the Britons and the French over the newly conquered colonies. So, experienced colonial British officials used the old method, «divide and conquer». The Arabs of Palestine set fire to Jews who had lived in Palestine since time immemorial in the position of a traditionally persecuted minority. Today, we already know quite well how the masses of Muslims are behaving, excited by calls for violence against «infidels», especially if the «Kafirs» are unarmed. The British trick was a success: instead of the expected uprising against Britain, the Palestinians defused anger on the Jews and calmed down.
After the «verdict» of ten years of imprisonment, and pleasant pastime among the Bedouin of Transjordan (who were also under British occupation!), the pogrom instigator, Amin al-Husseini, was pardoned and rewarded by Jew Yitzhak Rabin … oh, I was mistaken by 70 years, then it was a Jew Herbert Samuel.

But let’s return to Palestine of 1930-th:

In 1931, al-Husseini founded the World Islamic Congress


On 19 April 1936, a wave of protest strikes and attacks against both the British authorities and Jews was unleashed in Palestine…. Apart from some foreign subsidies, including a substantial amount from Fascist Italy,[112] He (Amin al Husseini) controlled waqf and orphan funds…The rebellion itself had lasted until March 1939, when it was finally quelled by British troops.

It forced Britain to make substantial concessions to Arab demands. Jewish immigration was to continue but under restrictions, with a quota of 75,000 places spread out over the following five years. On the expiry of this period further Jewish immigration would depend on Arab consent. …moderate Palestinian families …were minded to accept … the White Paper of 1939, which had recommended an Arab-majority state and an end to building a Jewish national home. The rejection (by the High Arab Commitee) was based on its perceived failure to promise an end to immigration…

Nevertheless, British government  adopted the terms of White Paper, so neglecting the shelter “Home” for exterminated Jews in the most critical years of Jewish history.

Out of ten millions Jews of Europe, have  survived only three millions who emigrated oversees in advance, some 400.000 who fled to the USSR and further to its non-occupied part , plus some 400.000 who succeeded to infiltrate to Palestine despite of Turkish and British ban and Palestinian resistance. About 100.000 Jews survived in Romania, Bulgaria and Italy. Undoubtedly, British-Palestinian abolishing of the Jewish National Home increased huge Jewish losses.

I don’t neglect British role in the rescuing of the remnants of the Jews. By resisting Hitler’s assault against Britain and Nazi invasion to the Middle East, Britons have prevented further expanding of Hitler’s Holocaust. But from Jewish point of view, an unbiased analysis leads to the conclusion, that rescuing the Jews was unintentional “side effect” of British and Russian resistance to Hitler’s aggression.

Due to his unwise adventurism, Hitler forced resistance and uniting of his imperialist rivals, British Empire and the USSR. After years of flirt with Hitler, both the USSR and Great Britain turned strong and resolute enemies of Nazi Germany. But along with rescuing Jews, British Empire contributed the Holocaust due to its practical policies in the Middle East. An expressive example of such policies we find just in the case of Palestine.

Current resurrection of British anti-Zionism occurs under flag of Left-Islamist unity. Well, Corbyn’s predecessor was unsuccessful George Galloway. Maybe, Jeremy learned anti-Zionism from Vladimir Lenin. Likewise Corbyn’s poodle, former Israeli leftist politician,the inventor of anti-Zionist “history” Ilan Pappe, recently warned  the Jews of Britain not to resist his employer.

However,ultimately I hold the opinion that modern anti-Zionists’ reason is as follows: in order to unite globalists with nationalists, «natives» with immigrants, poor with rich, educated with uneducated, liberals with Islamists, Jews with «goyim» and etc., they all need a common enemy, and this common enemy of all mankind is Israel.


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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)


    According to Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israeli death casualties reach 25.000. Among these, 17.000 soldiers and 4.000 civilians fell from 1948 to 2018 (Independent Israel). These fallen soldiers include about 400 Druze and 150 Bedouin soldiers. Civilian losses include Arab citizens’ losses, too.

    Most of Israeli losses were caused by the Palestinians or as the result of Arab, British, USSR and Islamist aggression, which the Palestinian have invited. Both Great Britain and the USSR participated anti-Israel aggression in a less or more open way. In the course of last 20 years, Iran is the leading force of anti-Israel aggression. it inspired and paid for Hizbullah and HAMAS aggressiveness. For example, before Palestinian authority started paying terrorist families, Iran did it.

    In the course of British rule (1920-1948) 1303 Jews were killed inside Palestine boundaries (1019 civilians and 284 militants). In addition, 1328 Holocaust refugees perished as the result of British naval blockade of Palestine.

    May their memory be blessed.

  2. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Let’s realize, rude antisemitic propaganda only confirms our conviction, that we Israelis must resist antisemitic hordes, including Iran, Hizbullah and Palestine. Palestinian antisemitic theater is designed to give pretext to the new Holocaust. We will resist all Palestinian theatrical tricks, rockets, terror actions, Iran-Hizbullah rockets and Syrian chemistry. We continue to build a strong army, and we continue to occupy our Palestinian antisemitic neighbors. 1920 pogrom will never repeat. We’ll fight off the New Holocaust attempts.

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