Our  minister for strategic issues, Yuval Steinitz, warns that we must get ready for massive rocket attacks on Israel. It turns out that the one thousand rockets that the Palestinians have already fired at Israel are simply flowers, while the berries are waiting for us ahead.

This time, the Iranian ayatollahs and their poodles, that is, Hamas, Nasrallah and Assad, threaten us. Russia stands behind them.

And why are we threatened at all? Because of the fact that the Iranians provoke a war in the Persian Gulf against the United States and their Arab allies? In fact, they are blackmailing the whole world, which depends on oil supplies from regions adjacent to Iran.

Where are here the Jews, and where is the logic? Well, such is the usual logic of the anti-Semites. In 1991, Saddam fired missiles at us because he wanted to capture all Persian Gulf oilfields and to impose his World Rule. Now, Ayatollahs step in the same path. Ayatollah Hamenei expressed opinion (in public) that due to control over Persian Gulf oil Iran may hold World hegemony. Now, they simply implement this plan. Russia encourages Iran’s aggression. If Trump will stay at home, World Caliphate of Iran’s style will come to America. Let Americans chose, what to do.

In 1973, the Arabs attacked Israel and on the sly set up the World oil blockade. Therefore, the Israel Defense Forces had to stop their attack on Cairo after reaching 100 kilometers from the capital of Egypt, then to remove the encirclement from the Egyptian army and then to retreat 10 kilometers East of the Suez Canal.

And here is another example of anti-Semitic logic: it turns out that the German government allowed millions of Muslims into their country just because the Germans feel guilty about the fact that they killed 6 million Jews in World War II. This is the official position of Germany, I did not invent it.

Examples can be continued. American anti-Semites, along with Iranian ayatollahs, accuse Jews of “abusing the Holocaust” in order to gain money. What this abuse looks like, I know from the experience of my family. My late mother-in-law did not receive her pitiful “compensation” from Germany (8,000 shekels for 3 years in the Pechora concentration camp, in which she survived and managed to escape by giving a good bribe to a Romanian officer). The modern Germans demanded from her documents confirming their stay in the concentration camp, but there were none. The Romanian accounting department was worse than the German, or the officer may have covered his tracks and removed the mother-in-law from the list.

And here’s the story of the unfortunate Palestinians. In 1948, their leader, who collaborated in turn with the British Ministry of Colonies, then with Hitler, then again with the British government, called on the Palestinians (for his personal interests) to withdraw from their homes where they had work and land, and temporarily move 10-30 kilometers eastward. This way, he tried to force Britain and the Arab governments to intervene in his battle with the Jews, which he himself provoked, but lost.

And so, today the whole world demands to destroy Israel on the basis that 70 years ago the Palestinians obeyed their leader, who escaped the Nuremberg Tribunal with the help of the same British, and tried to arrange a Holocaust in the Middle East, again.

One way or another, we must get ready for any war against anti-Semites at any moment. And once again a reminder to the Jews of the USA and Europe: the anti-Semites have no logic. No matter how many times Jews that made a career, swear, how they love Palestine and do not love Israel. The treachery will not help them at the hour X. Jews must prepare their shelter in advance.