I blame anti-Semitism because of it not only bothers about trivialities, but also sets the stage for genocide. Hitler was based on his predecessors, anti-Semites, including Russian anti-Semites (Protocols of the Elders of Zion).

We cannot discuss politics, ideas and leaders, ignoring anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism underlies the main world religions / ideologies. The Jews killed Jesus, Muhammad killed the Jews, the Nazis made anti-Semitism the core of their “idea”, the CPSU declared Zionism the main evil of the World, while modern Western humanists declared Palestine the core of humanism, and Israel the embodiment of the devil. So the leading role of anti-Semitism in ideology and politics is not my invention, it is just a fact. How can you understand something in the picture, ignoring 90% of what is painted on it? How can one understand world politics while ignoring anti-Semitism?

I send children and grandchildren to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (defending us against anti-Semites!). Our children do put themselves in mortal danger on a daily basis, under the screams of the media and all anti-Semites about the Israeli occupiers, who oppress the innocently persecuted Palestinians. I am not going to forgive anti-Semites, including Palestinian and all others, and to justify their crimes.

The Palestinians reject peace at all, regardless of proposed conditions of peace. They provoke war with Israel, since they hope, that anti-Semitic World will help them to annihilate Israel. «Free Palestine» slogan is just a substitution of the formula «Kill Israel». Just like Hitler’s «Final solution» watchword was substitution of the word «Genocide». 

Peace between Israel and Palestine may come only when the Palestinians stop amounting slanders against the Jews and admit their own crimes: attempts to genocide Jews, inciting hatred of Jews around the World, inciting wars against the Jewish state, cooperating with all powers that destroyed or tried to destroy the Jews.

By the way, Facebook immediately banned this post. I wonder what they dislike among what I wrote? They do not explain …