It is generally believed that the only alternative to the “two states for two nations” is a bi-national Jewish-Palestinian state. It is desirable that a Jewish majority remain in such a state, and for this, Gaza must become a separate independent state. This opinion is held today by the US Democratic Party, as announced Nancy Pelosi. If Trump puts forward just such a plan, then he is just a realist. Twice two = four, not more or less.

If there is no Palestine, so let’s give Israeli citizenship to all inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza, let them move freely to Israel and turn it Arab Islamic state.  Let to Israel a million inhabitants of Gaza, who break into a Jewish state to turn it into an Islamic one. If there is no Palestine, then there will be an Islamic state “from the River to the Sea”. The Jewish State will end.

However, the “One state” solution  is not the single alternative to the “two states for two nations”. My position is four states for two peoples, namely: three Palestinian states, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza, and one Jewish state of Israel, in which a full-fledged Arab minority lives.

In 1948, the Palestinian people expressed their disagreement to live in the same state with the Jews, and voted with their feet, staging the Nakba. In the Oslo agreements, both sides agreed on two states for two nations. Then the majority of Palestinians voted for Hamas, that is, for one state for one people — the Palestinian. The Palestinians formally denounced the Oslo agreement, and Israel did not denounce. Thus, the Palestinian people frankly proclaimed as their goal the destruction of the State of Israel and the genocide of the Jews. Given the worldwide anti-Semitism, this goal of the Palestinians is quite achievable.

The main task of the people of Israel is to thwart the bloody plan of genocide. For this, we must continue the occupation of the West Bank. The peace remains inaccessible luxury for the Jews.

As long as anti-Semitism exists, there can be no peace for Jews, in principle. And anti-Semitism does not only exist, it has become the leading religion of humankind. Right, left, Muslims, Christians, and even some Jews, want to believe anti-Semitic lie about the oppressed, deprived of all rights Palestinian people.

Our main task is to expose this lie, and not to help anti-Semites proclaiming fantastic slogans like «Palestine does not exist.» Palestine does exist, just Israel confronts the Worldwide anti-Semitic onslaught, the purpose of which is to destroy us. It is the Palestinians led by Hamas demanding a “one state”. All that the Palestinians have done so far, including terror, missiles and anti-Semitic propaganda, is intended to prevent the partition, that is, Israel’s independence from Palestine.

Those who do not recognize the legal rights of the Palestinians, in fact, cooperate with our mortal enemies. We must de facto recognize all three existing Palestinian states: Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza. In fact, the three Palestinian states are a real situation today, which should be recognized formally in order to repel anti-Semitic aggression. In fact, all the individual elements of this system already exist. It remains only to formally recognize the real facts.

Another prerequisite without which a Jewish state cannot exist is the occupation of the West Bank. We will have to learn to combine the independence of the West Bank with the Israeli occupation. Occupation is necessary in order to prevent the destruction of us by the Palestinians, if they get free hands in the West Bank. The occupation of Palestine is a self-defense against the criminal program of the genocide of Jews, which the Palestinians, supported by all the anti-Semites of the World, are preparing.

All anti-Semites, from Russia to Europe, not to mention Iran, use the allegedly unequal position of the Palestinians to intervene in the conflict on the side of our enemies, and to instigate a war for the destruction of Israel. Our main task is to survive, and our policy should be subordinated to this task. Jews have to be realistic, otherwise the anti-Semites will simply annihilate us, as the Europeans, inspired by Hitler, already did.