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isn’t it more like Israel’s war on everyone else? Using American taxpayer funded US military forces to do their dirty work?

Just opposite is correct, Israel is fighting Hezbollah and Iran on behalf of the USA and its allies. As Me mentioned in the previous article, the S-300 system threatens the USA forces in Syria and 200 miles abroad, including Mediterranean basin. It threatens the main USA ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. We are withstanding Iranian threat. If Russia together with Iran will control the Middle East, America and whole World might get in serious trouble. Ali Khamenei has already expressed the idea, that control over Middle East will give Iran World domination. He is much wiser, than Americans believe.

Let’s consider antisemitic mantras one by one.

1.I’m living in Palestine. My children served IDF in the West Bank and participated anti-terrorist operations. I witnessed numerous Palestinian terror attacks against us in the course of Oslo «peace» process, of Intifada and of «Disengagement.». I saw hotels, restaurants, buses and dancing floors blown up. I got Hizbullah rockets in the course of 42 days and nights. Some people I was familiar perished or were wounded. The motive of My enemies is clear. The Palestinians vote for HAMAS Charter which demands genocide of the Jews. It’s not about the lack of Palestinian State. There are already 3 Palestinian states: Jordan that is independent since 1946, West Bank and Gaza which exist from 1994 on (Oslo agreements). The only reason for Israeli-Palestinian conflict is just the Palestinian enmity towards the Jews, which lasts some 1.000 years.
2.»Running the rest of Mankind» mantra started from the faked «Protocols of the Elders of Zion», through Hitler, right to the modern anti-Semites. But indeed, just all genuine World Rule seekers (like Hitler, USSR, some American, European and British «elites», Muslim powers, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, Wordl ruling corporations like Google and Facebook) — all these were or are anti-Semitic. Currently World Rule pretenders turned antis-Zionist. Surprisingly or not, some Jewish tycoons like Soros or Zuckerberg, turned «lefties» and anti-Zionist. Probably, they seek World Domination, too. It appears, that World Rule requires some «common enemy» which the rulers may persecute without harming themselves. For thousands of years, such an «enemy» were Jews, but just right now, Israel was appointed to this role. 
3. «fabricated weaponized fable called «the Holocaust»: It’s just «copy and paste» of Iranian ayatollahs’ slogan. Not surprisingly, «left» Jeremy Corbyn got support from ayatollahs and their Press TV. Just like his predecessor George Galloway. Those, who prepare new Holocaust of the Jews, purposely banalize previous genocide of the Jews, called Holocaust.
4. Unfortunately, Israel doesn’t run mass media, social media and education, nor the UN. Otherwise I would stop massive anti-Israel media bias, and persecution of Israel by the UN.
5. Holocaust denial is just the classic hate speech, which must be banned.


1.»Arabs and a minority of Jews lived in Palestine side by side without too much drama until the Zionists in Europe did a sneaky deal with the British, offering to get USA into WW2 in exchange for a Jewish state in Palestine, known as the Balfour agreement. This was the Zionist Rothschild banking cartel that wanted to establish a kingdom based on the idea of Israel which is just a religious following, and never was a country.»


1.This assertion strongly contradicts historical facts, established by the researchers and witnesses. «Without too much drama» means persistent and almost complete genocide of the remnants of the Jews that remained in the Holy land or returned in the course of medieval Zionism. All that at the hands of various conquerors and their descendants, called today «Palestinians». Sometimes, Palestinians manifested their attitude to the Jews in the course of massive pogroms, like those occurred in the course of «Intifada of Fallahs», 1834.

The Zionism started not in 1880 but 1000 years earlier. The first known big group of Ashkenazi Jews arrived to Palestine from England and France in 1224. These Jews were slaughtered just by the Crusaders, while their Kurdish opponent Salah ad Din was positive towards the Jews.

2. After obtaining Mandate, the British Empire violated its provisions established by the League of Nations. The Britons distributed for free Palestine state lands just to the Arab landowners, who re-sold that land to the Jewish buyers, getting price which exceeded original Palestine land prices by 50 times. British colonial officials just succeeded to cheat the famous «Jewish exploiters». The same British officials called to the power Hajj Amin al Husseini and suppressed his rivals from Palestinian Nashashibi family. After WWII Britons have implanted Al Husseini to Palestine. This way they prevented understanding between the Jews and Palestinians.

The Palestinians reject peace at all, regardless of proposed conditions of peace. They provoke war with Israel, since they hope, that anti-Semitic World will help them to annihilate Israel. «Free Palestine» slogan is just a substitution of the formula «Kill Israel». Just like Hitler’s «Final solution» watchword was substitution of the word «Genocide». 

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Anti-Zionism is simply modern form of anti-Semitism. Antis-Zionist deny human and ethnic rights of the Jews. Zionism is legal and just. It was and remains legal resistance of the Jews to the anti-Semitism of all sorts: religious and ethnic persecutions, genocide, inequality of the past, Islamist and leftists’ assault, right-wing «classic» anti-Semitism, and Palestinian anti-Semitic aggression. Now, the only reason of Israeli-Palestinian war is Palestinian will to annihilate Israel, that is to perform one more genocide of the Jews.

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