Over the past hundred years, the Palestinians have tried to destroy the Jews, with their own force or with someone else’s  hands, nine times:

  1. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Palestinians hoped to destroy the Palestinian Jews by the hands of the Turks. It is believed that only the patronage of Germany saved the Jews from massacres, similar to those that the Turks organized to Armenians and Greeks. Instead, the Turks have expelled about a third of the then-time Jewish population from Palestine. Tel Aviv Mayor Dizengoff was imprisoned, despite the fact that in 1914 he publicly called on Jews to join the Turkish army and «defend the fatherland.» A graduate of Istanbul University, David Ben Gurion, also called on Jews to join the Turkish army, but he was deported from the country along with the rest of the non- Turkish Jews.
  2. Then the Palestinians tried to «independently» destroy the Jews in the 30s of the XX century. Izz ad Din al-Qassam, followed by Amin al-Husseini, called on the Palestinian people to revolt in order to destroy the Jews.
  3. Then arose the Palestinian hope for the Hitler’s Holocaust of the Jews in the entire Middle East, which Amin al-Husseini requested  from Hitler.
  4. Then there was an attempted genocide of Jews in 1948, first independently, and then by the hands of the Arabs, with the support of Great Britain.
  5. In 1967, an attempt was made to destroy Israel by the hands of the Arabs, with the support of the USSR.
  6. After this, the Palestinians hoped that the new Arab war of 1973, due to the defeat of Israel, would lead to the genocide of the Jews.
  7. The terror of Oslo and the Intifada of 2001 were clearly aimed at destroying the civilian population and causing a massive flight of the Jews. This attempt failed due to the Israeli re-occupation of West Bank Palestine and due to the construction of the Defensive Wall, which the Palestinians called the «Apartheid Wall».
  8. The massive accumulation of Hezbollah missiles and the ensuing war of 2006, where in fact an attempt by Iran to destroy Israel due to the mass exodus of the Jews. This attempt haven’t caused the flight of the Jews, however, it prevented Jews to flee from Europe to Israel.
  9. Finally, the accumulation of missiles and tunnels in Gaza, with periodic «checks» of their effectiveness, failed, too, primarily because of the Israeli system of anti-missile defense «Iron Dome». This time the Jews haven’t fled Israel, too.

So, Israel has survived 9 attempts of annihilation, which failed due to “Zionist” persistence of the Jews.

The Nakba of 1948 was the result of a Palestinian attempt to genocide of Jews with the help of Hitler (1939-1945). According to the diary of Palestinian leader Amin al-Husseini, Hitler promised him «when the hour strikes» to occupy the Middle East and crack down on the Jews. And indeed, after Rommel’s offensive through Egypt failed, Hitler advanced Wehrmacht to Caucasus. Fortunately, the encirclement at Stalingrad forced the German forces to retreat from the Caucasus.

When Amin asked Hitler to consent to a «solution of the Jewish question» throughout whole Middle East, Hitler replied: «Jews are Yours», that is, do with them whatever you want. The conversation of these two leaders took place three months before the «Wannsee conference,» where the Nazi  bosses developed a practical plan for the genocide of the Jews.

The Palestinian people suffer only because of their own «mistakes». The more support the Palestinians receive, the less ready they are to compromise and peace. The «humanists at the expense of Israel» play down the fact that the termination of the Israeli occupation of Palestine will not automatically bring peace. Just opposite has already happened. In practice, it is impossible to help Palestine by encouraging Palestinian attempts to destroy Israel. In the end, it was this «help» that led the Palestinian people into a stalemate of constant war and backwardness.

Now we are witnessing the tenth Palestinian attempt to destroy Israel. This time, the Palestinians hope for Iran and its allies. Mahmoud Abbas, in his statements, has already justified the upcoming genocide of Jews, under pretext that the Jews are Khazars who forcibly took Palestine from the Muslims. Abbas, after Hitler, justified the Holocaust of the Jews under pretext that the Jews are exploiters. Let’s recall, the justification of the Holocaust is the favorite topic of the ayatollahs. Moreover, the Hamas-staged «march of return» on the border of Gaza is aimed at convincing the Iranian people and all Muslims «to help the Muslims of Palestine». By causing Gaza population to suffer, HAMAS undermines Jewish and Christian support to Israel.

In fact, both Abbas and Hamas have invited the ayatollahs to start a war against Israel and to carry out what they have promised for many years: the genocide of the Jews.

Trump will have to wait with his peace plan until the moment when Iran’s and Palestinian current attempt fails. Until the Palestinian people still have the hope for the genocide of the Jews, their leaders will not agree to peace with Israel on any terms. I hope that Trump understands this truth. But possibly, Putin will decide the fate of this attempt.