Islam and Christianity are international religions. The religion of the Jews was originally and remains to this day national, not international. Therefore, all people that adhere to the Jewish religion consider themselves Jews by nationality.

In addition, there are secular Jews. In Israel, most Jews consider themselves secular. Secular Jews in the United States and Europe often renounce Jewishness for various reasons, mostly out of fear or for profit.


Muhammad never detailed what preciously the Jews had hidden from all other people, in what distorted the Scriptures.

Scientists have found out that the Torah was created by different people, not only by Moses that obtained «Tablets of Covenant». Jews never insisted that all the Scripture dictated Allah himself.  The authors of the Torah were various prophets and priests, even King David.

These prophets are also recognized by Islam. Muslims should be grateful to Jews that we have created Scripture. Instead, many Muslims, for example, Palestinians, Hezbollah, and Iran’s ayatollahs throw mud at us and seek to kill Jews. 

………… ..

Jewish prophets denounced those Jews who violated the Covenant and the Ten Commandments. Ultimately, the law-breaking Jews were destroyed by the will of God. Those who survived were the Jews who kept the Covenant. We are the descendants of these most staunch Jews.

Yes, this story repeats itself today. There are Jewish traitors who are afraid of anti-Semites, renounce their Jewishness, and cease to consider themselves Jews. Over time, they die without leaving Jewish descendants. We, today’s Jews, are the descendants of those who were not afraid and remained Jewish despite the expulsions, pogroms, and the Holocaust.


All the accusations that anti-Semites heap at Jews are unfounded. I find it strange and offensive to hear that Jews allegedly do not respect other peoples and religions. In my experience, the opposite is true.


I have carefully read Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf. In this book, he pours more hatred and deceitful accusations on Jews than Islamists and Christian anti-Semites. Everyone knows how he ended up. While studying the Hamas Charter, I found anti-Semitic slanders, borrowed directly from Mein Kampf.


The goal of Islamic extremists such as the Ayatollahs of Iran, the Palestinians, and Hezbollah is to kill all Jews, that is, to commit a crime against humanity. The UN Charter has declared anti-Semitism an illegal, criminal doctrine. Those who call for the extermination of Jews violate international law. I think that such calls are contrary to Islam. Or I’m wrong?


According to the Qur’an (Sura al-Maida 5.21), Moses, on behalf of Allah, ordered the Children of Israel to enter the Holy Land, which Allah himself «intended» for them. Today the Zionist Jews are carrying out this order of Allah. Why are Palestinians and many Muslims oppose to Zionism? The Zionists are doing the will of Allah.

Those Jews who are afraid to come to Israel are like those cowards who were afraid to enter the Holy Land promised to them under Moses. They roamed the desert for 40 years. But the next generation, which grew up free from Egyptian slavery, fulfilled God’s covenant. They were led by Yehoshua bin Nun, whom Moses himself blessed.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Xtylish Yasi
    We were take it on the power of sowred
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    Politics & History
    Xtylish Yasi Well, in accordance with the will of Allah we re-take it with the power of sword but yet more with the power of education and hard work. Despite wars and blockades, Israel turned developed nation. We divided the country and gave up to our Arab brothers 80% of Palestine’s territory. Israel covers just 17% of Greater Palestine, with a population density of 1000 people per square mile. The Palestinians demand 100% instead of 83% that they possess.

  2. Aaron (Автор записи)

    نحن كمسلمين نعرف وعلمنا القران ومعلم البشرية جمعاء إلى يوم الدين ..النبي موسى عليه السلام بريء من قومه بأن
    كفروا به وقربه وكذبوه سريعا بعد ما انجاهم الله من فرعون وعبدوا العجل ورفضوا دخول الأرض المقدسة التي أمرهم أن يدخلوا فلم يدخلوها خوفا ممن فيها فعاقبهم الله بأن حرمها عليهم أربعين سنة يتيهون فيها وهذا الكلام ليس من عندي إنما من القران الكريم وايضا يعلمه احباركم وبعد ذلك مات موسى ولم تطا قدماه أرض فلسطين كما تدعون وكتبت أسفار من الكتاب المقدس التوراة بعد موت موسى بزمن ليس بالقليل فهل يعقل ذلك

    Hani Arafa

    Мы, как мусульмане, знаем и обучаем Корану и учителю всего человечества до Судного Дня. Пророк Моисей, мир ему, невиновен по отношению к своему народу, потому что они не верили в него и его близость и отрицали его вскоре после того, как Бог спас их от фараона и поклонился тельцу и отказался войти в Святую Землю, в которую он повелел им войти, поэтому они не вошли в нее из-за страха перед теми, кто в ней, поэтому Бог наказал их. Это было запрещено им за сорок. годы, в которые они странствовали, и эта речь не от меня, а из Священного Корана, и ваши раввины учат ее.

    Верно, это всё записано в Торе Моисея. Через сорок лет евреи исполнили заповедь Аллаха. Моисей умер и евреев возглавил его ученик Ехошуа бин Нун, который заключил новый союз с Богом. За сорок лет родились два новых поколения, мы стали многочисленнее и сильнее. Евреи исполнили заповедь Аллаха тогда, когда это стало возможным. Если бы мы это сделали будучи слабыми, то наверняка нас ждала гибель.
    هذا صحيح ، كل هذا مسجل في توراة موسى. بعد أربعين سنة ، حقق اليهود وصية الله. مات موسى وقاد اليهود تلميذه يهوشع بن نون ، الذي دخل في تحالف جديد مع الله. خلال أربعين عامًا ، ولد جيلان جديدان ، وأصبحنا أكثر عددًا وأقوى. أوفى اليهود وصية الله متى أمكن ذلك. إذا فعلنا ذلك لكوننا ضعفاء ، فمن المؤكد أننا سنواجه الموت.

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