1.No, I will not resent once again why this not-too-honest girl  is building her career due to fabricating anti-Semitic lies. And that her dirty work makes a big contribution to the income of her family. «Fried» anti-Semitic fabrications are in great demand among the media of all sorts, and particularly among anti-Semitic politicians like the Islamic Nazi Erdogan. The latter invited the girl and praised her in front of the TV cameras.

Ahed Tamimi differs from many other Palestinian youngsters only since she is a more talented artist than other Palestinian children. Her blond image attracts the sympathy of the western audience, she is perceived as «our», even in Russia.

However, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the entire Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza have mastered the specialty of artists and are playing PR, receiving money for this national job, and in addition the overall sympathy of the anti-Semites.

The last example is the «march» of the Palestinian people from Gaza to Israel through a border fence. Yes, rocket attacks against Israel with subsequent retaliation and casualties among the Palestinians have already become boring. So Hamas organized a new theater performance to «squeeze» the victims among the Palestinians and to show them to whole World. Allegedly, the unfortunate starving people of Gaza are trying to escape from the «concentration camp», created by the criminal Jews …  Well, criminal Israel. And the same Israel is murdering the unfortunate Palestinians who are trying to escape from the hell of the Israeli «blockade.»

Actually, the solution of all the problems of Gaza has long been known: this is the peace, which Hamas denies. In the conditions of peace, it is possible to develop Gaza, to ensure earnings for all growing (on foreign expense) population, and even to increase the territory of Gaza by exchanging Jewish settlements of the West Bank for the land surrounding Gaza. Such a solution has already been discussed, and it is real, under condition, that the Palestinians agree to peace.

Instead, the people of Palestine prefer to vote for Hamas and to consume the «help», that is paid by anti-Semites in exchange for large-scale theater performances: theatrical wars, «march» etc. Well, most of Palestinians do not want to earn themselves due to their honest labor, and do not want to honestly tolerate Jews. Therefore, the Palestinians became actors of large scale theater.

The training of this «specialty» Palestinian people start from a young age. In the past, children threw stones at Israeli tanks (under condition, that the «correspondent» will pay money and film the process). In 2001, the Palestinians even staged the murder of a teenager, Muhammad Dura, who became the banner of the Intifada. Well, now they are engaged in a secure … hmmmmmmm …

The girl Ahed gave a few slaps to the Israeli officer who did not dare to respond her arrogance. Well, the Israeli court sentenced the soldier Azariah,  so the soldiers and officers of the IDF do not dare to respond to the slaps and terror acts of Palestinian artists.

And now the girl Ahed develops her career as a television star, being heroically imprisoned to eight months for hooliganism. A genuine hero, a TV star of anti-Semites.

2.Now, let’s discuss her European appearance.  We  could easily be mistaken assuming that she is Ashkenazi Jewish girl. Some of the antisemites hint at the genes of the Crusaders (that is, She is of European blood, «our  girl»).

In fact, Tamimi’s surname indicates belonging to the very famous and great Arab tribe Banu Tamim. During the great Muslim conquest, representatives of this tribe found themselves in many conquered countries, from India to Palestine.

Some part of the Palestinians, undoubtedly, are of  the «genuine» Arab descent.  They migrated to our country from Arabia, that is from  Hejaz, Yemen and from the same Medina, where Muhammad murdered or expelled the Jews. These migrations took place at different times, beginning with the start of CE (then these were Nabataeans), then in the course of the Islamic conquest in the 7th century. The last significant migration of Arabs from Hejaz to Palestine and Egypt took place in the 18th century.

Today, thanks to Hajj, to the Internet and Facebook, Palestinian families of “genuine” Arab origin have been able to reestablish relations with their Arabian relatives. I know this directly from those same Arabs who, as it turned out, have relatives in Saudi Arabia.

The «discolored» appearance of people from Arabia is not uncommon, and the Crusaders have nothing to do with it. All 600 inhabitants of the village of Nabi Salih, where Ahed was born and live, have been living in this place for more than 300 years. They are all close relatives and are bound by inter-family marriages. As we know, in such conditions occurs accumulation of recessive genes, which leads to discoloration of descendants (blond hair, blue eyes, light skin, and a number of genetic diseases).

However, most of the Palestinians, as we know, are of dark shades, and there are quite black, like the residents of Jisr Az Zarqa village, who are considered to be Sudanese. I also met Black Arabs in the city of Acre, and some Bedouins of Negev have quite African look.

In the north of Israel, the Bedouins are much lighter, and they just call themselves true Arabs. The word «Arab» became part of the self-designation of some tribes (for example, Arab al-Aramsha). It turns out that some of the Bedouins also moved to us from Arabia.

Palestinians of different hamulas (clans) keep the traditions of their origin. According to the Palestinians themselves, most of the current Arab inhabitants of Galilee are descendants of people from Syria and Lebanon who started settling in this emptied country after the expulsion of the Crusaders.  The process of settlement was especially intensive in the 18-20 centuries. It is known that the Mahmoud Abbas’ family moved from Syria to Safed in the late 19th century.

In Gaza are predominant  the descendants of immigrants from Egypt and Sudan, since the Egyptian Pasha Muhammad Ali settled the coastal strip of the country from Sinai to Haifa in the course of 1830-40. However, part of the Gaza Arabs came from Arabia.

3.It is known, that almost entire population of Palestine died out after the expulsion of the Crusaders. The demographic minimum of the population was noted from 12th to the 14th centuries. It was apparently caused by wars, famine and desolation of the territory, followed by the plague in the 14th century.

Nevertheless, the remnants of the ancient population possibly survived in some parts of Palestine. For example,  Jews survived in the few villages of Galilee (Ein Zeitim, Kfar Yassif, Pkiin, Bar Am, Kabul, Alma and Gush Khalav). In 13 century local Jews settled Safed town, and small Jewish community survived in Tveria. In addition, the traditions of the Jewish roots were preserved in some Muslim villages of Judea and Galilee.

Despite of the Crusades, Muslims have survived in few towns and villages where they settled since 7-th century or later. Salah ad Din settled his retired soldiers at least in 3 villages of Galilee and in few towns. Jerusalem turned almost empty city, with only 2.500 inhabitants, mostly retired soldiers and Christian pilgrims.

By the beginning of the 16th century, along with 150.000 Muslims, there remained a small part of the ancient Christian, Jewish and Samaritan populations, as mentioned by Jewish travelers who visited Palestine almost every few years. Subsequently, surviving remnants of local Jews mingled with foreign Zionist Jews from Spain, France and England (11-16th centuries). Ashkenazi Zionists began arriving in the 16th century, they were not included into the communities of Spanish Jews which accepted only local (Mustaarab) Jews. The Ashkenazi community arose in Safed, while in Jerusalem, the Ashkenazim were banned from living, most likely because of their poverty.

In addition to Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian and Arabian settlers, some Palestinian Hamulas preserved legends about Kurdish, Iraqi, Circassian, Bosnian and Moroccan ancestors. For example, the Moroccan neighborhood, ajacent to the Wailing Wall, was destroyed in 1967, when Israel seized the Old City of Jerusalem.

4.In recent years, the ideologues of Palestinian nationalism (Fatah), prompted by the Western liberal and Christian anti-Semites, are intensively creating a new narrative about the origin of the Palestinians. It turns out that the Palestinians are the descendants of the ancient Canaanites, who were conquered by the ancient Israelites in the 12th century BC.

This narrative is incorrect primarily because of the majority of the population of Palestine died out in the 12-14 centuries, as we saw above. The newcomers occupied the place of the more ancient population, and Palestine was settled by Muslims, Christians and Zionist Jews. Therefore, it can only be a small fraction of the «Canaan descent» that the Palestinians received through their Jewish ancestors, which the Palestinians have always cowardly denied.

Why am I so confidently claiming that the ancestors of the Jews also came from the more ancient inhabitants of Canaan? It is enough to open the Bible to make sure that during the Judges period, the Israelites, Canaanites, Amorites, Philistines and other tribes lived precariously. But after three hundred years, no one mentioned the Canaanites in Israel, all became one people.

Experienced Israeli archaeologist Israel Finkelstein found numerous archaeological evidences that the Israelis continued the material and spiritual culture of Canaan. He did not find the archaeological confirmation of the biblical stories about the Exodus. On this basis Finkelstein completely denied the exodus of the Jews from Mesopotamia and Egypt.

But other archaeologists have found evidences of the presence of non-Canaanite people in open spaces between the fortified Canaanite cities. Over the past 15 years, there has become known a place on Mount Grizim, where, according to all signs, there were performed rites of the Israelites who came from Egypt. The truth, as always, was somewhere in the middle, that is, the newly arrived Israelites mixed with local peoples, which are commonly called Canaanites. There is not the slightest doubt that the Canaanites participated in the formation of the people of Israel.

5.Thus, for propaganda purposes, the leaders of the Palestinians stole again their narrative from the Jews. It would be nice if the intelligentsia, and then the people of Palestine, disassociated themselves from anti-Semitic lies, recognized that certain kinship, which, despite everything, exists between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The Zionist “firsters” recognized the Palestinians as their brothers. The furious enmity of the local population, which encountered the Zionist settlers, was like a cold shower on the romantic heads of the Zionists. There were those who were disappointed and left Palestine. For example, the famous painter Reuben Rubin, who painted Palestinians, landscapes of Palestine, and then left for France, where he died. Or my uncle, who left Palestine in 1938 and three years later was massacred together with his family in the course of the massacre staged by Ukrainian nationalists in the first month of the Nazi occupation of Lviv.

The Jews never understood why do our Palestinian brothers hate us so much. A clue is that the Palestinians deny their kinship with the Jews. Maybe they have good reasons for this.

As one intelligent Jew said, «Germans will never forgive the Jews their Holocaust.» And Muslims will never forgive Jews for what Muhammad did to us. It turns out that the Palestinians also hate us because of their ancestors mocked and slaughtered their fellow Jewish neighbors.