Under the «declaration» (letter) of Balfour, Britain received the Mandate for Palestine to violate its terms from the beginning to the last day of this mandate.

First came the appointment of the Grand Mufti that was the main organizer of the pogroms against the Jews, Amin al Husseini. Then the restriction and almost complete ban on Jewish immigration (Arabs continued to immigrate to Palestine illegally, which the British «did not notice» and did not reflect in the statistics).

Of the 750,000 dunams of public land, 700,000 were given by the British to Arab landowners from Palestine and Syria, and only 17,000 to the Jews.

In 1939, the British disarmed the Jewish-friendly Palestinian militia Nashashibi, and in 1946 they returned Amin al Husseini from Hitler’s «emigration», removed Nashashibi, and made Hitlerite Al Husseini the Führer of the Palestinians.

Then they helped him organize the Nakba and sent their «Arab Legion» army to occupy the West Bank. In fact, the 1948 war against Israel was waged by the British at the hands of their Arab puppets.

The USSR continued this tradition after the expulsion of Britain from the Middle East, arming and inciting the Arabs against Israel.