Recently there’s a lot of noise around Qatar. Well, there is such a peninsula in the middle of the Gulf … Persian … Arabic … Oil … Hmmmm, the ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself declared to the muslims that, due to the will of Allah, the center of power of the World Village has moved to this Gulf.


Let's take a magnifying glass (Wikipedia) and consider this very glass … eeee, Qatar.




Data from Wikipedia: 75% of the population of Qatar are men, 25% are women. (!!!!) What a miracle? Maybe Allah has changed the laws of nature?


It turns out that not Allah, but people. The indigenous population, the Qatari Arabs, make up only 12% of the total population. The rest are immigrants. Since the Qataris do not allow families to enter the country, only male workers, immigrant children are not born. Accordingly, immigrants (labor) do not obtain citizenship. They remain disenfranchised in all respects: social, political and even personal. It turns out that an immigrant worker in Qatar has no right to change an employer or leave the country without the consent of the Qatari host. If Karl Marx was still alive, he would have dubbed this "the Asian way of production."  We, advanced, call this modern slavery. And  apartheid.


This regime of apartheid is headed by a monarch, an emir, who, unlike the European monarchs, rules indeed and singly. First of all, the emir disposes all the money of the country, its oil and gas. The date of the emir's accession is the main national holiday of the Qatar people. The indigenous Qatarians do not rebel against the emir, because they do not work and live on the full provision of the authorities. Visitors note that Qatar men are very fond of overeating and massively suffering from obesity.


It would seem that such a regime is doomed to revolution and worldwide isolation. But no, just the Qatari regime is actively poking its nose into all corners of the globe, the UN and other international organizations, but primarily finances and promotes all kinds of Islamist movements.


Next instrument of power of the emir, after money, are the mass media. Qatar TV Al Jazeera has won a leading position in the Arab world, and it is quite deserved: there are professionally trained people who take into account the mood of the audience, and promote the policy of the emir unobtrusively, with knowledge.


With the help of Al Jazeera, the Qatari Emir managed to make rulers of much stronger countries, primarily Saudi Arabia and Egypt, dependent on himself. And now these rulers rebelled. They imposed sanctions and diplomatic pressure, demanding the closure of Al Jazeera.


In general, you can see that the emir of Qatar follows the example of the Prophet (Muhammad): because he is weak in military and demographic terms, he attacks in the field of propaganda, influencing minds, and achieves success.