The Palestinians received various offers regarding the shared territory with the Jews. As early as 1921, the League of Nations agreed to separate Jordan from Palestine and create in this territory an Arab state, cleansed of the Jews.

The idea was that this way would be protected the national rights of the Palestinian Arabs to their own state. Jews were permitted to return only to the territory remaining after this first partition, which today is called simply Palestine and Israel. In fact, this territory represents 20% of the original Mandate of Palestine, as the League of Nations affirmed it.

Then in 1937, Lord Peel’s commission proposed creating a small Jewish enclave, including a coastal strip from Tel Aviv to Haifa, while the Palestinian state would include the rest of Palestine, together with previously separated Jordan.

The Palestinians responded to this proposal with an Intifada, which the British suppressed with the help of that part of the Palestinians, who were inclined to compromise with the Jews. The Islamist leader of the uprising, former British creature, the Grand mufti Amin al-Husseini, sided with Hitler. True, after the Second World War, he returned to the Britons and led with their help the struggle for annihilation of Israel.

In the most recent negotiations (2013), John Kerry proposed to Palestinians the whole West Bank and Gaza with some land «swaps», but those rejected the proposal.

The eternal problem of the Palestinian people is that they seek complete annihilation of Israel, relying on the influence of anti-Semites. The power of anti-Semitism prevents Palestinians from any reasonable solution. The UN, actually, already gave Palestinians carte blanche to perform genocide of the Jews. Israel was forbidden from defending itself from HAMAS’ rockets.

Europe imposed sanctions just against Israel, the victim of anti-Semitic aggression. Naturally, the Palestinians vote for HAMAS, which promises (and prepares) genocide of the Jews. The entire anti-Semitic World encourages the Palestinians to continue aggression. All we may do, is to occupy and block Palestine to keep them silent. I have already proposed recognizing the Palestinian State (or two states) while continuing occupation and blockade of Palestine.

Trump is right stating, that Jews living in the West Bank don’t prevent peace. Those withstanding peace are just the Palestinians with their demand to evict Jews from their homes. Maybe, they follow Muhammad that once evicted Jews from their homes in Medina and Khaibar. But contrary to Muhammad, that gave alternative (eviction, death or conversion) the Palestinians and Iran don’t propose any alternative to the eviction and genocide of the Jews.  

Why cannot Palestinians accept Jews of the West Bank as the citizens of Palestine? After all, Israel doesn’t evict its Arab citizens! Nobody cares for equal rights for the Jews! Well, Muhammad told Muslims that they have more rights than non-Muslims. But peace must be based on equal rights. We learned from Oslo and Disengagement that one-sided Israel’s concessions just provoke Palestinian aggression, which undermines peace. The main obstacle for any solution of the Palestine problem is the war of Palestinians for the annihilation of Israel.

From the Palestinian point of view most preferable is the Jordan-Palestine option. In the conditions of peace, West Bank and Gaza may join Jordan, creating one big and united state, instead of three current mini-Palestines.

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