The International Criminal Court (ICC) has ordered the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Defense and Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces. This court did NOT order the arrest of Hamas leaders and commanders


What does this mean from a legal point of view? This means that the ICC court legitimized ALL past crimes of Hamas (and Palestine in general), including terror, rocket attacks on peaceful cities and villages, and the mass unprovoked massacre of 7.10. But most importantly, this trial gave legitimacy to the main goal of Hamas, which this organization proclaimed — the genocide of the people of Israel. The self-defense of the people of Israel to prevent such genocide is punishable by the arrest of our prime minister and military leaders.


The ICC ruling established as international law the private political opinion of the “ultra-progressives” that Hitler was justified in killing 6,000,000 Jews since otherwise these 6,000,000 could have arrived in Palestine and created a Jewish majority in that country. Thus, the ICC ruling revives the Nuremberg anti-Semitic laws of Nazi Germany.


A continuation of the «Wannsee Conference» is taking place in The Hague. In the course of the Wannsee conference, the leaders of the German Nazis developed a plan for the «final solution to the Jewish question.» The ICC ruling also legitimizes the creation of the Iranian atomic bomb and the destruction of Israel by Iran or, for example, by Russia. This trial has proven that it is not just anti-Semitic. This is the court of Hitler’s direct followers.


Netanyahu was completely in vain in agreeing to send Aaron Barak to the international court. It is likely that this former judge, who is also a secret dictator, contributed to the adoption of the criminal Hitlerite ICC resolution. Our internal enemies have once again proven that they do not make any compromises in seeking absolute power over the people of Israel.
Let me remind you that the Supreme Court in 2019 prohibited the government from conducting a preventive operation against Hamas, contrary to the decision taken by the government. 7.10 our people paid dearly for the omnipotence of the Supreme Court. Israel’s Supreme Court must be elected by popular vote, the sooner the better. REFORM NOW!

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