On this sad day, we must once again reflect on why the Holocaust happened.
Anti-Semitism has existed for thousands of years, as long as the Jews have existed. It does not matter how the anti-Semites dubbed us, whether we are a nation, a religious sect, a “multi-tribal rabble”, freemasons claiming world domination, or a race (as Hitler believed).
Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, especially after the First World War, it became obvious that most Europeans would like to see us dead. The massacre of Jews in Ukraine (1918), and wild anti-Semitism in Poland, Germany, Hungary, and other European countries became a warning.

Hopes that Jewish and general education would save us from hatred were dashed. The more far-sighted emigrated overseas. As the old Hollywood joke goes, the optimistic Jews ended up in Auschwitz, while the pessimists ended up in Hollywood.

The Zionists offered to go to Palestine, but the Palestinian Arabs and the British colonialists closed this path to the salvation of the Jews.

The Jews who remained in Europe clung to various ideas of what to do in view of the impending catastrophe. The communists successfully convinced many (perhaps most of the younger generation) that the world revolution, then the USSR, and our own rejection of tradition would bring salvation.

My parents took an active part in the world revolution, served time in prison for communist activities, and what was the result? In 1938, Stalin dissolved the internationalist communist party of Poland and made a deal with Nazi Hitler.

Nevertheless, the USSR became their path to salvation from the impending Holocaust. In the first days of the war, both father and mother (then they did not know each other) abandoned everything and fled headlong from Stanislav (Ivano-Frankivsk) to the east. Their escape route ended in Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, ALL mother’s relatives who did not have time to escape from Lviv (three brothers and a sister with their families, and, of course, an elderly mother) were killed by Ukrainian anti-Semitic nationalists, among 25 thousand other Jews of Lviv. This was reported by the Ukrainian neighbors when, at the end of the war, the mother arrived in Lviv.

She did not want to stay in this city and moved to Ivano-Frankivsk. And what happened in Ivano-Frankivsk? Even before the German Nazis took control, a group of Ukrainian nationalists with dogs dragged my father’s parents out of the nursing home and interrogated them about their communist children, two sons, and a daughter.

When the bandits found out that all their children managed to escape, the killers set the dogs on the grandfather, and they gnawed him to death. Grandmother was kept in place so that she could see what was happening, and she went crazy. All this according to Ukrainian witnesses.

Now let’s move on from Jewish communists to traditional Jews and liberals. Religious Jews split into two camps: religious Zionists and religious anti-Zionists (eg Gur Hasidim and others).

The Zionists urged their supporters to prepare for aliyah and to contribute money to Keren Kaemet, Keren Haesod, and other funds that bought land in Palestine on behalf of the Jews. But it was impossible to carry out a massive aliyah because of the opposition of the British authorities and the Palestinians.

My uncle (mother’s brother) did go to Palestine, but in 1938, frightened by the Palestinian pogroms and a general strike, he and his family fled back to Lviv. After 3 years they were all killed by Ukrainian anti-Semites. Ultimately, even those who through intermediaries did acquire plots in Palestine perished in the Holocaust.

There were those Jews who tried to save themselves by getting rid of Jewry. They proclaimed themselves «Poles of the Mosaic religion», or the same «Germans», or «Hungarians». All of them were killed in the Holocaust. After all, the approach of the Nazis was racial: it doesn’t matter who you think you are, your race is important.

And finally, there were those who changed their names, surnames, and nationality from Jewish to «local». So did Theodor Schwartz, the father of Dyorg Shorosh (who, in turn, was renamed George Soros).


Anti-Zionist Jews (my father included) were hostile to the Zionists and their warnings and expressed genuine hatred. A vivid manifestation of this hatred is the relationship between the left and the Zionists in the Warsaw ghetto. When the Zionists, led by Pavel Frenkel, proposed joint action to the left, their proposal was dismissed because the left «does not cooperate with the fascists.»

Today, the Israeli left also calls the Zionists «fascists», and the Zionist leader Benjamin Netanyahu a «dictator». Under this pretext, the leftists deprived the democratically elected government of real power. They are just making an anti-democratic putsch.


Now let’s see how Jews behave today, in view of the growing threat of «new anti-Semitism» and a new Holocaust. In principle, these are the same behavioral groups that existed before the Holocaust of World War II.

The most numerous group is left, («progressive», they are also globalists). By most indicators, this is an analog of the pre-war communists and other leftists. In practice, they abandoned the Jewish identity. True, the place of oppression of the working class in their ideology was taken by the oppression of blacks in general and the Palestinians in particular.

The social composition is the same: the assimilated intelligentsia that has not found any use for itself, the children of officials and the rich with huge unsatisfied ambitions, and the victims of anti-Zionist brainwashing.

For this group of assimilated descendants of the Jews, Israel, and Zionism are like a red rag to a bull. These enemies of Israel and Zionism are more dangerous than traditional right-wing anti-Semites. They cooperate with anyone who wants to organize a Holocaust in Israel, be it Hamas, Hezbollah, or Iranian ayatollah. Of course, under the pretext of «liberation of Palestine.»

Let’s apply elementary logic to these descendants of the Jews. Most Palestinians support Hamas, an organization that has quite openly declared its goal to perform the genocide of the Jews. Supporting the «Palestine Cause» actually means supporting the genocide of the Jews of Israel.

Why do they do it this way? Like their communist predecessors, they are trying to save themselves from a possible Holocaust through betrayal, renouncing Jewishness and its essence, Zionism.

In Israel, this group has come to power through non-democratic methods since the 1990s. The story of «Aharon Barak’s revolution» is now widely known. Less well-known are the stories of the sharp leftward movement of the generals and police officers.

Up until recently, the left and its tycoons also had absolute control over the media. The only people who could work in the media were those who loudly proclaimed anti-Zionist beliefs, succinctly defined by their self-designation: anti-bibies.

The story of the overthrow of Benjamin Netanyahu has fully revealed both the methods and the goals of this group of (former) Jews. In the US, this group confidently defeated the Zionists. Now they are trying to maintain power over the Zionist majority in Israel.

The massive anti-Zionist brainwashing of the Israeli population relies on an infusion of big money from abroad, although some local tycoons are also involved in the destruction of Zionism and the Jewish state.

The hatred of religious Jews proclaimed by the left is due to the fact that the religious are outside the sphere of influence of the mainstream media and education.


This is how the leftists behave both before and after the Holocaust: they close their eyes and ears so as not to see reality, not to analyze it, and not to draw logical conclusions. This is how all Holocausts were prepared.

In Israel, the crowds at the «demonstrations» do not think, but yell obvious nonsense. Is this Bibi, illegally deprived of power, a dictator? And what means this de-legitimation of Israel, an attempt to undermine the economy and cooperation with Nasrallah? These are clear signs of mass psychosis.

The punishment will be the Holocaust of the Jews in Israel.

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