The term «anti-Semites» is not an insult, but a scientific definition of certain individuals and entire population groups.

I believe that anti-Semitism is the most widespread and influential ideology in the world. It is enough to consider the decisions of the UN, the policy of the European Union, the Islamic Conference, Iran, etc.

Palestine found itself at the epicenter of a global anti-Semitic typhoon. A «peaceful Palestine» is not in sight in the coming decades, especially considering how Palestinian children are raised and taught in schools.

Therefore, the majority of Israelis oppose the independence and strengthening of the Palestinian state in the center of Israel. An independent Palestine and peace are incompatible. Since the majority of Israelis support peace, we are against an independent Palestine.


The State of Israel was created to protect the Jews from anti-Semitism, but it turned out that in Israel we are also the target of attacks and assassinations. I rightly compared Palestine to a knife that anti-Semites stuck in the heart of Israel. It turned out to be impossible to negotiate with the Palestinians because the anti-Semites inspire and finance the Palestinians’ war for the destruction of Israel.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Кахане был расстрелян арабским террористом, которого американский суд присяжных оправдал. Теперь американские антисемиты открыто требуют геноцида народа Израиля. Всё на этом свете имеет свои причины и последствия.

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