No, the forum was convened in order to resist anti-Semitism. The entrance to Jerusalem congress center was flaunted the name «The Sixth World Forum For Combatting  Anti-Semitism». And yet the title of my article is not accidental, it reflects what was actually being said. I participated in this forum, and I’ll justify my assessment.

I divide all participants in the forum into three large groups.

First, thre are non-Jewish forum participants, for example, the Regional Director for Facebook Policy for Southern Europe Dolphin Reyer, former UNESCO Secretary-General Irina Bokova, liberal Muslim figure Imam Pallavicini, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nikolai Mladenov, papal nuncio in the Middle East East, the Ministers of Justice of Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovakia and Malta, authors such as Sohrab Ahmari, publishers, journalists, religious figures and many others.

Secondly, there are representatives of the Diaspora Jewry, for example, President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder, representatives of the European Jewish Congress, representatives of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the League against Defamation, publishers, influential rabbis and many others.

And finally, the third group, which organized the Jerusalem forum, is the representatives of Israel. Beginning with Binyamin Netanyahu, who did not come to the forum because of the disease (although the next day he was already performing in Dimona). Then, Netanyahu’s  foreign affairs deputy, Tzipi Hotoveli, her assistant, the head of the anti-Semitism department and forum organizer, Ran Yacobi, the minister Naftali Bennet, who himself designated his position as «minister for Jewish affairs», Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Dan Meridor, «left» Rabbi Melchior, other liberal rabbis …

There were no Israeli politicians, (excepting  the three ministers), orthodox rabbis, media representatives, bloggers, writers, artists …

After waiting for Netanyahu’s arrival (at that time Hagit Yaso, a very good Israeli singer, was entertaining us), host read his short message, which consisted of common phrases. Ministers Bennett and Shaked spoke briefly and diplomatically, smoothing out the sharp corners, and clearly tried not to offend the high guests. The vast majority of subsequent speakers were non-Jews or liberal  representatives of Diaspora Jewry.

As a result, the issue of anti-Zionism which is the tip of the sword of the anti-Semitism, was not discussed at the forum at all. However, somewhere in the program of the forum was mentioned «New anti-Semitism», that is, anti-Zionism, but in fact this topic was silenced.

The issue of Islamic anti-Semitism almost was not discussed. We were explained that this phenomenon is the result of a low level of education of the Muslim masses, so it is enough to give them education and Islamic anti-Semitism will be defeated. And in general, let don’t attach importance to it, it’s just the instinct of the crowd.

The issue of political anti-Semitism of Iran, Turkey, etc. was not discussed. Some of the liberal Jews mentioned the long-forgotten Ahmadinejad, but not a word about the current threats and propaganda of Ali Khamenei and the Iranian generals. It turns out that the threat of genocide of Jews in Israel was excluded from the struggle against anti-Semitism. It’s like Hitler of the 30s was excluded from the list of anti-Semites.

Of all representatives of Jewish diaspora, only a representative of the Simon Wiesenthal Center has analyzed the strategy of the Palestinian center of anti-Semitism. For all the other «fighters against anti-Semitism», Palestine turned a «sacred cow», which cannot be discussed, let alone condemned.

Non-Jewish speakers mainly spoke not about the fight against anti-Semitism, but about the fight against xenophobia, against racial hatred, advocating reconciliation between Muslims and Christians, not always mentioning the followers of Judaism. Obviously, they meant that anti-Semitism is just one of the manifestations of racial hatred and xenophobia. This idea was answered from the audience by one of the Israeli participants in the «discussion», who reasonably stated that anti-Semitism is much more than racism or interreligious hostility, since it is primarily ideology and politics.

I should say nothing bad about Imam Pallavicini. This cleverest person is doing an important and necessary job, educating Muslims in the spirit of respect for the Gentiles (not «tolerance», but  just “respect,» according to his own statement ). But he, too, avoided answering the question about anti-Zionism. This is clearly not his specialty.

The papal nuncio generally refused to answer any questions from the audience. It is understandable, since the reforms of the current pope, Bergoglio (Francis), provide the support for the Palestine, which is the forward strike force of the anti-Semitic army.

The former UNESCO secretary-general Irina Bokova,  told for a long time how she fought very strongly against the denial of the Holocaust and other manifestations of anti-Semitism. But she told not a word that denying the connection of Jews with Jerusalem is also anti-Semitism, just as a denial of the Holocaust. By the way, such was the theme of the seminar. And not a word about how UNESCO forbade Israeli scientists to excavate in Jerusalem, and did not prevent the destruction of ancient artifacts during construction work conducted by a Muslim Waqf …

As a justification for UNESCO’s position, Bokova complained that since the accession of Palestine to this organization, it was strongly politicized, contrary to its charter and stated goals. And she urged the United States and Israel to return to UNESCO. I could not ask Irina, what about the politicization, does this infection has already passed? And what about the disease of anti-Zionism in the body of UNESCO? Can we remove quarantine? And how does  She  estimate Trump, who recognized  Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, while UNESCO did not recognize?

The conclusion is that Jews, and especially Israeli Jews, must fight anti-Semitism by their own means.  Nobody else will do this work for us.

And yet the title of this article was not provoked by the «goyim», but by the Jews.

To begin with,  the Austrian representative  discussing right-wing anti-Semitism in Europe, explained to the audience in detail, that up to half of the current Austrian ministers had participated in the past in neo-Nazi brotherhoods. They will show soon, that all their statements about the support of Israel are just a disguise. Well, I believe him. But what is the conclusion of his explanation?

It turns out, that European Jews expect Israel to intervene and defend them against right-wing anti-Semitism, while they themselves support left-wing anti-Zionism and the «Palestinian cause». European Jews urge us to «respect values», and not to be tempted by immediate support from the right.

What this means practically, I still do not understand. Israel cannot change the election results in Austria, Italy, Poland, Hungary and other European countries. If we break off relations with all anti-Semites of the World, then we will not have relations with anyone at all. Europe, left or right, is Israel’s main trading partner. It is the «left» Europe that threatens us with economic sanctions. So, European Jews expect  Israel  imposing sanctions on itself  to protect Jews from right-wing nationalists (!).

The only thing that I could advise European Jews: if you are afraid to stay in Europe, come to Israel. «Settlers», whom you betray, save refuge for you. Yes, we are also under threat, but we can protect ourselves. In the dispersion, the Jews are really defenseless, their entire existence depends on the nostril at which the «host» scribbles, and how he sneezes.

But the funny European complaints do not go to any comparison with the tough pressure that our American brothers have on us. Both Minister Bennet and Nathan Sharansky bitterly complained about how difficult it is to convince the liberal Jews of the US and Europe to abandon anti-Zionism. Yet before the Jerusalem forum, the good uncle Ron Lauder formulated the conditions for the surrender of the Jewish state.

It turns out that we are obliged to negotiate with the Palestinians and achieve peace at any cost. This is not Hamas, which gained the support of the majority of the Palestinian people, refuses to negotiate any peace, but the harmful voters of Netanyahu! It’s not Mahmoud Abbas who is afraid to make a mutually acceptable compromise with Israel, for fear of Hamas and his own supporters.  Binyamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel who voted for this unwelcomed politician, are guilty.

And secondly, according to reformed American Jews, the religious part of Israeli Jews should be deprived of the right to vote and of human rights. Because they do not follow the reformed version of Judaism that most American Jews follow.

Yes, I would prefer reformed religious people in Israel, but they sit in the USA and do not vote in the Israeli elections! Let them come here, at least a couple of millions, then the composition of the Israeli voters and the government will change.

But just the foreign policy of any Israeli government is unlikely to change. Any Israeli government and its voters do what the anti-Semites force us to do. Our fate, like the fate of Western Jews, is in the hands of anti-Semites, against whom we must fight together, otherwise all Jews will be lost…

And thirdly, according to liberal Western Jews, Israel is obliged to quarrel with President Trump and support his opponents, who support Palestine aggression and threaten  sanctions against Israel!

It seems that I begin to understand why Netanyahu preferred to get sick and not to come to the forum. He did not want to meet with the liberal Jews of the West who are trying to remove him from his position. American Jews demand to repeat a suicidal experiment in the Oslo spirit. Possibly, the «first Oslo» was their initiative, for which we paid dearly.

I’m trying to see the logic in the demands of our foreign brothers. And I come to the conclusion that this is the logic of fear. Yes, anti-Semitism is raising, and diaspora Jews cannot afford to ignore this deadly danger. But what conclusion do they draw from this threat?

Once the reason for anti-Semitism is the struggle of Israel with Palestine, this reason must be eliminated. Since the Palestinians are clearly not going to tolerate Israel, on any terms, then the Jews of dispersion must abandon Zionism and self-identification with Israel, which took place in the past.

To persuade Jews to betray Israel, it is necessary to heroize the Palestinian cause, portray Palestinians as victims of aggression, and not aggressors, as they were and remain. Such is the logic of the liberal media, who widely use the dramatizations of Palliwood to denigrate the actions of the IDF, to de-legitimize the settlers and the people of Israel.

This logic was followed by «journalist» Charles Enderlin, who launched a fake of Muhammad Dura. The same logic was followed by Paul Wolfowitz, who, trying to save his high office, went to Gaza to express solidarity with Hamas. Young Jews of the US are participating the BDS to «wash off» the accusations of their colleagues in campuses. European Jews are trying to convince everyone that they are not Zionists at all, support the cause of Palestine. The Jews of Ukraine and Russia feel embarrassed by their Israeli relatives …

In addition, they accuse us of the fact that all Israelis profess wrong Judaism, choose the wrong leader, and above all, try to defend themselves against Palestinian aggression, instead of obediently go to slaughter, following the example of our ancestors during the Holocaust. We must not resist aggression, so that the Jews of the West do not have to be embarrassed by us. By giving ourselves to the slaughter, we must save foreign Jews from the threats of anti-Semites, preserve their capitals and carrier, ensure a quiet life in their countries of residence, and smooth assimilation into the environment. Some of the Jews even went to Iran to seek the favor of the ayatollahs.

Since the right-wingers in the West have traditionally been anti-Semites, our brothers seek support from the leftists and liberals. And the left with the liberals entered into an alliance with Islamic anti-Semites. Now, the Jews of Europe and the US are looking for the friendship of Muslims. Yes, some enlightened Muslims respond to these requests for help, show pity for the Jewish cowardly fools … or expect to finally drive a wedge between the Jews of Israel and the Jews of the West.

We see the result on the forum, which was conceived in order to unite us in the face of a common danger. In fact, the Forum has clearly gone along the tracks of anti-Zionism.

Liberal forum participants from the UK began to explain us, that all immigrants in England are discriminated against at work and in all spheres of life, that they have such a protest … The natural question is, what does Israel have to do with the discrimination of immigrants of Great Britain? It turns out that European politicians and the media are deliberately stirring up the anti-Zionism of immigrants in order to distract the protest to a remote object like Israel. And it is just the leftists and liberals who are doing this fraud. They won  the competition for anti-Semitism with the right. And along with the “goyim”, left and liberal Jews divert the hatred of anti-Semites on Israel.

All I have to say is to remind them: the Jews who served the crematoria ovens were also burned. Ultimately, after betraying Israel, the Jews of Diaspora deprive themselves of State of asylum and give themselves up to be torn to the enemy. Even after complete assimilation, antisemites will find their Jewish roots at the right time.

And also: even Jews who betrayed Israel have the right to come to Israel under the Law of Return. No one asks how the refugees behaved before they arrived in Israel. In a state created by refugees for refugees, all Jews have right to take refuge.

The «New antisemitism» gives birth to the «New Zionism».

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Let’s return to the facts. The Palestinians under Arafat blew up the Oslo peace process and staged terror Intifada, then voted for Hamas, the organization, which seeks genocide of the Jews. We must limit their attempts through occupation and «blockade». The Palestine State, created by Israel in the attempt to achieve peace, is aggressor. We are forced to withstand its aggression, supported by anti-Zionist and Islamist powers (Iran, Europe, the USA democrats etc).

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