The Ayatollahs do not joke at all when they declare their desire to destroy Israel (that is, to arrange another Holocaust for the Jews). Propaganda in favor of the genocide of the Jews of Israel has been conducted by Iranian Islamists for forty years. This brainwashing is supported by practical military preparations, an arms race, and a nuclear weapons program. The Ayatollahs took the Shiites of Lebanon to their maintenance for Iranian money, created and maintain there the military-political organization Hezbollah, supplied it with 120,000 missiles and continue to arm with new types of weapons. The leader of Hezbollah Nasrallah makes from time to time official statements about the upcoming destruction of Israel.


Over the past year, the armed forces of the Iranian Islamists are increasing their presence in Syria and are moving towards the Israeli border. They are increasing their armed provocations against Israel, launched several missiles and drones from the territory of Syria. The commander of the Iranian forces in Syria makes aggressive statements in the spirit of the imminent destruction of Israel.


Iranians are trying to draw Russia into the upcoming war against Israel. I am sure that the destruction of the Russian reconnaissance aircraft by the Syrians was inspired by the Iranians and Assad. As a result, the Iranian forces in Syria were covered by Russian air defense missile systems, transferred to Assad.


All of the above are facts. In these circumstances, the German president congratulated the ayatollahs on the fortieth anniversary of the Islamic revolution. Тhat is, in fact, he blessed this revolution and its ayatollahs on behalf of the people of Germany. So he is pushing Iran to actually carry out the genocide of the Jews in Israel. This is like the return of Germany and a large part of Europe to Hitlerism. And all this is being done under the pretext of protecting Palestinians offended by these bad Jews.


The truth is, that the Palestinians were and remained anti-Semitic aggressors who collaborated with Hitler and all anti-Semitic powers, who promised and provided them with support in the extermination of the Jews in Palestine, and then in Israel. All the misfortunes of the Palestinian people are caused by the fact that the Palestinians, counting on the help of powerful anti-Semites, repeatedly tried to arrange genocide of the Jews.


The Palestinians quite deliberately thwarted the implementation of the Oslo treaties, which opened the way to the creation of an independent Palestinian state, to the peace and prosperity of both peoples. Suha Arafat recently revealed that her husband began preparing the Intifada a year before the Camp David talks, which Arafat deliberately tore off, putting forward all the time new and far-reaching demands, until Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak became convinced, that negotiations with him were meaningless.


And today, too, the Palestinians are rejecting peace with Israel in the hope that Iran, Europe, Islamists of all kinds, and possibly Russia, will help them carry out the genocide of the Jews.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    In the following video clip from MEMRI, we find Mohammad Ahmad Husein, the present Grand Mufti of Jerusalem enthusiastically quoting the hadith of the gharqad tree. This is the hadith that speaks of Muslims committing a genocide against the Jews in the last days, according to Husein, specifically in the land of Israel. This is a very popular hadith among Palestinian Imams, and is quoted and expounded upon quite a few times throughout the Charter of Hamas. This would be similar to giving a place of prominence to calls for genocide throughout the US Constitution. Of course, the left endlessly seeks to brush this hadith aside merely as an obscure reference found in the charter of Hamas that has little relevance to most modern Palestinians. But they fail to recognize how significant it truly is in driving much of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. How can Israel make peace with someone who believes that they have been given a God given mandate to kill them? Simply stated, without repentance, containment is the only solution. And for this, the Palestinians suffer. I repeat, when the Palestinian leadership does not renounce, but instead enthusiastically supports such calls for genocide, the Palestinians suffer. Palestinian children suffer. But no one blames the Palestinian leadership who are the true oppressors of their own people. No one blames Islam, which is the true source of racism and hatred and violence.

    Meanwhile the anti-Zionist Christians at the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference will say nothing of this. They will simply moan about living in the oppressive shadow of the wall. No one will validate the fact that the Israelis were forced to build the wall to protect themselves. Nor will one hear anyone at Christ at the Checkpoint lamenting the fact that Palestinian Christians must live in the truly oppressive shadow of Islam. Instead Islam will be praised. Of course, this is the normal mode of operation for so many anti-Zionist “peace-activists.”

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